nicky TATS
nicky TATS 6 perccel
To think I've actually already seen the first episode of a big channel I've been following, now I really do feel old
Tony Spike
Tony Spike 6 perccel
Congrats on learning about metric mat, now you need to learn that britain dosnt actually use it that often lol (we use miles per hour for distance/time)
Anonymous 7 perccel
Quintin Kelly
Quintin Kelly 8 perccel
Game theory is currently 9 years and 361 days old. Monday gon' be the 10th anniversary
Cupcake Cat
Cupcake Cat 8 perccel
This is #9 on trending
Shawn P
Shawn P 8 perccel
English people grok miles. Maybe the French don't though. And 29,880,000 mph is 0.044556c. So 1 second shiptime is 1.0009940993187 seconds worldtime. So "I would hazard to say that even at their speeds some time dilation effects would occur" NOT. A couple of google searches for calculators, Matt. Don't even have to math the numbers. (Although it is heartwarming that your inaccuracies seem to have continued unabated from the start).
Jrtm Gaming
Jrtm Gaming 9 perccel
wow it is possible but a long time
Blueberry Gaming
Blueberry Gaming 9 perccel
10? Wow-
Louise Harvey
Louise Harvey 9 perccel
in my opinion, I think that we shouldn't be criticizing youtube because if we push them too far we could end up losing this platform most people call home. so yes your opinion is correct and valid but they also have opinions and they all have the right to be valid. I just don't wanna see this platform crumble because of their ideas of the creators making it a not-so-good place for young minds.
lalaman 908
lalaman 908 10 perccel
hi i wana know what you use to edit love what you do ty for making my day
PseudoKirby 10 perccel
what song is that at 1:22?? its driving me nuts
gachu_is_cool 10 perccel
William is not glitchtrapp
Serillane Jade
Serillane Jade 11 perccel
Im tired watching dis cus mah brain cant handle ur IQ *OOF*
Johnathan Odom
Johnathan Odom 12 perccel
Radom theory
Lila Walker
Lila Walker 12 perccel
Wait... Jeremy Fitzgerald?!?
Kevin Jourdain
Kevin Jourdain 14 perccel
Ghoul Red
Ghoul Red 14 perccel
Sometimes I wonder if the books doesn't actually mean anything but when bits and pieces from each book is combine it makes a story or give lore information like a puzzle piece from multiple puzzles that only from one puzzle witha fraction of each case, the games doesn't seem as much as fever dream then the books
Max Morgan
Max Morgan 15 perccel
Wait do i still get thanked even tho i tapped on the video
Kadyn Zach
Kadyn Zach 15 perccel
everyone who left when he said thanks for watching and started talking about his channel "i thought u looked at when people leave so why did you do that" xd
T-Rex Hunter
T-Rex Hunter 15 perccel
Mat Pat: no one is going to click on this Also Mat Pat gets to #9 on Trending
dodoc.o 15 perccel
I have a feelin that scott just will never die.
Sebastiaan Kittel
Sebastiaan Kittel 15 perccel
I'm late but, YAAAAAY 10 YEARS
Jamal Tabidi
Jamal Tabidi 17 perccel
lmaoooo “not many are gonna click on”
Lila Walker
Lila Walker 19 perccel
Plush boi is using people eyes and teeth
Diamante Mirabelle
Diamante Mirabelle 20 perccel
To anyone trying to solve the mysteries of this series, I have something to say that might help you: One of my friends brings two friends, then two of my friends go get three. Three friends bring four friends, then four friends come back to alert me. Two friends can bring three enemies, and three enemies bring four. The least of four will bring the best of five, and the five victims will bring more.
Jacob Lakes
Jacob Lakes 20 perccel
the link is ded thing made me cry when i was 6 ._.
Fry Guy
Fry Guy 21 perce
Scott will stop FNAF when Matt dies 😂💀
hgch dyt
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Max DA
Max DA 22 perccel
Can you do a theory on Katana Zero?
Garrett Carbullido
Garrett Carbullido 22 perccel
I was really expecting this to be Austin critiquing MatPat
Some guy on 800ping
Some guy on 800ping 22 perccel
April 18 is my b day lol
Farmer Boy
Farmer Boy 23 perccel
Fo76 biggest mistake was the whole game
IceFangWolf 23 perccel
Hey Matpat. You should really do a video on Chrono Cross. Idk if you've played it but it does explore different timelines, time travel and parallel worlds as well!!
cody davis
cody davis 23 perccel
You know what I say to you and Matt Pat go to hell
Caleb Palanga
Caleb Palanga 23 perccel
Man they talk too much, I would've lost my damn mind
Mobile Matthew
Mobile Matthew 24 perccel
What kid gets up at 6AM
flaming-fox0 24 perccel
his hair looks like Jim Halper
a follower of willeh
a follower of willeh 25 perccel
The difference between this video and his hew videos is enormous
Harpendex Roh
Harpendex Roh 25 perccel
Steve McElroy
Steve McElroy 25 perccel
not many people are clicking on: Over 2M views and #9 on trending
e gaming
e gaming 26 perccel
Dayum for a guy living in TWD universe, you really took real good care of that car like look at that shine!
Inanis 26 perccel
I cried watching this. Wow
Young Diamond
Young Diamond 26 perccel
This legitimately is the only horror related video u have done that made me horrified mainly rainers eyes ugh
Bazquez Vryan
Bazquez Vryan 27 perccel
I'm here from 2021 how we all have grown since the young days I love everyone who reads this
Jen’s Violin Worship
Jen’s Violin Worship 27 perccel
Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you!
Cam_The_Speedrunner 27 perccel
What is the difference between videos by Austin and Mat Pat?
RAC3 Shidou
RAC3 Shidou 28 perccel
Spiders drop strong as well. Theory debunked
Scarlett Olivia
Scarlett Olivia 28 perccel
damn... Trashton
YoungLuv 28 perccel
We love you mattpatt
NOOB RULEZ 28 perccel
can you remastred the first fnaf episode ?
martin figares
martin figares 28 perccel
Bones Xiong
Bones Xiong 29 perccel
Has anyone ever heard of the butterfly effect? It kinda pairs up with the grandfather thing where one thing can lead to many other things and the other choice there is many other choices to that choice, like ww1 of how we could prevented that which without ww1 we would not have had ww2
Drawing Dingus
Drawing Dingus 29 perccel
But if this book is outside of the fnaf games then why do the rest of the books have actual characters from the fnaf games?
Nisco Racing
Nisco Racing 30 perccel
All i see is Dragon Ball Z people.. halp.
Renato C.Francisco
Renato C.Francisco 30 perccel
( ◜‿◝ )♡
Vaan Studio Gaming
Vaan Studio Gaming 30 perccel
Promote yourself: I’m working on my RPG called mervinsquest I have a playable demo and need to get it on my website.
OobleGoo 31 perce
And Vader isn’t even at his full strength in that suit
Deadeye Dro
Deadeye Dro 31 perce
I mean based on your theory David did kill his mom technically
BJCMXY's Music Lists & Commentary
BJCMXY's Music Lists & Commentary 31 perce
that's why I don't play games on my phone...
Genna S.
Genna S. 31 perce
Pls do a video on the lore of Run 3 from cool math games
Rowan Spotts
Rowan Spotts 31 perce
This hits me hard, I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for the last 3 years, and the suicidal thoughts have lasted about a year. I feel so alone and trapped, it was only two weeks ago that I finally said something to my family. One of my best friends, who is now my boyfriend, is the one who is pulling me out of this hell. This area of mental struggles is one of the darkest areas ever, but you have to speak up and say something. You are never alone, I know I am not alone, even though every day I feel like I am. I wish everyone the best, please don't hide it away, it only gets worse 💕
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 32 perccel
Just realized that after five years of watching I wasn’t subscribed 😧
Isiah Trowbridge
Isiah Trowbridge 32 perccel
A perfect bday present!
TomTheIdle JediKnight
TomTheIdle JediKnight 33 perccel
hey MatPat, I am sorry t saybthis but I fixed your Jurassic world theory so I will upload a video on it
TADD on DDAT 33 perccel
Does anyone wonder what was the first comment on this video?
Camsters_Cool 33 perccel
Ughhh Austin...god you infuriate me and make good content at the same time
Charli3 33 perccel
Trash Bunny, Afton, Trash Bunny, Afton, I got it! Trashton!
Mushroom Maple
Mushroom Maple 33 perccel
Yes. "Not all images represent the actual game", in probably the smallest footnote possible.
Cassidy Nicolas
Cassidy Nicolas 33 perccel
MatPat I have a little theory I've been thinking on and wish to share now: What if GlitchTrap isn't William Afton?
Midnight_Cloud Rose
Midnight_Cloud Rose 34 perccel
Me: The part of the brain that is cut off in the picture is actually in the Occipital region of the brain, it SHOULD be in the opposite part of the brain, sort of half in the Pre Frontal Cortex and the Frontal Lobe. 14:27 My Friend: Literally no one cares. My Mom: Wait, FNAF as in Five Nights At Freddy's? I thought you didn't like this stuff Me: *Realizes that my mom does not like FNAF* Oh, heh, you must of read that wrong!
Jacki Mareena
Jacki Mareena 34 perccel
I swear, Cawthon must've fallen asleep watching the movie 'get out' coz it sounds like the crying child is the one in the "sunkin place" lbvs
Destroying Youtube
Destroying Youtube 35 perccel
gotta love that one of the tags social blade gives this video is "what happened to game theory" lmao
Latha Sathya
Latha Sathya 36 perccel
Wait the one of stitch wraith kids could not see too so that could be similar but hey that’s my hypothesis
Neon 36 perccel
Endermen actually are the only mob to speak English. The player speaks through chat/typing
Michael Templeton
Michael Templeton 36 perccel
Here’s to another ten mate 🥂 Been around for like 7 of them personally
Elijah Hayes
Elijah Hayes 36 perccel
fnaf in space?
Mal Wallace
Mal Wallace 36 perccel
Been here since Punch-out. Came a long way
Destroying Youtube
Destroying Youtube 37 perccel
Rose River
Rose River 38 perccel
I love how all of the comments on Matpat’s old fnaf videos are just them making fun of these former theories.
Daniel Rabaça
Daniel Rabaça 38 perccel
Hey MatPat, I became a theorist back in 2013 when a friend presented me the Zelda is dead theory, which I loved since I was full into Zelda by the time. Now Im looking forward to rewatching it!! Also, thank you for being an inspiration, I admire a lot your courage and your dedication to making youtube and thus the world a better place, your content and work has been awesome for all those year. Cheers from Rio de Janeiro!!