Game Theory: Mario's Secret Fire Power is... Rocket Fuel!

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One of Mario's most iconic power ups is the fire flower. You can't tell me you don't get excited when you see that flower and know you are about to cause some fiery havoc in the Mushroom Kingdom... and everywhere else. Really. EVERYWHERE. You can even shoot a fireball underwater. Why? How? Theorists, I want answers and I will not stop until I figure out what the SECRET behind Mario's fireball is. Let's a-go!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Frogz 4 órája
matpat: ma,e a more iconic duo mushroom: ...sad mushroom face...
kayla needs help
kayla needs help 4 órája
At this point Matt should be a rocket scientist
Luke Alan Productions
Luke Alan Productions 5 órája
More proof that mario is mental
Demonku 8 órája
vtubers are everywhere
BF out of context
BF out of context 10 órája
Can You Do A FNF (Friday Night Funkin) Theory?
SirHerbie Gaming
SirHerbie Gaming 11 órája
Iconic Duo- Ash and Pikachu
Lorrissa Eckhart
Lorrissa Eckhart 11 órája
Maybe the flower has a rubber like liquid in side like milk weed just a thought
C14ran_ 12 órája
Matpat and Harris teeters diet cola
Sam Dhelbai
Sam Dhelbai 13 órája
Mario and peach
bad idea generator
bad idea generator 16 órája
He could just be yeeting magnesium which burns underwater (hence its use in underwater welding torches)
bad idea generator
bad idea generator 16 órája
So what's his ice flower then?
troll face
troll face 18 órája
mario and mushroom
Cryptic Corgi
Cryptic Corgi 19 órája
What are submarine oxygen candles made out of?
Liam Irmer
Liam Irmer 21 órája
Water in the fire, why. Water in the fire, WHY?!?!?
mlawson41102 21 órája
Uhhh... Mario and mushrooms are more iconic. Duh...
Azure Lastation / アズール ラスタション
Azure Lastation / アズール ラスタション 22 órája
more iconic duo, joel and ellie
SuperHothead14 Napja
As soon as I put this on I knew it was gonna mention grant, I still remember being shocked when the news hit
SolarKid123 Napja
1:54 So I guess I'm nobody. I KNEW it!
Guy on Headphones
Guy on Headphones Napja
Iconic duo: nana and popo (ice climbers)
AkinToTrin Napja
You're laughing. The goomba burned to death in excruciating agony and you're laughing.
madam MAZON
madam MAZON Napja
What if the Flower is a 'rubber' flower. I know it's naturally found from the rubber tree but could the flower be a stand-in for the plant? Maybe Mario has the other items in his overall pockets (everyone knows you can find anything in coverall pockets if you go digging deep), and after harvesting the flower, he can make fireballs!
Carson Groch
Carson Groch Napja
Brains don’t get bigger by intel but get wrinklier
Ethantheskeleton Napja
I never noticed we had oxygen
Ethantheskeleton Napja
William and Cassidy (not in good way) Peach and getting kidnapped Crying child and Fredbear Dumb and dumber Taco and bells Pizza and hut Green and purple (my channel) And probably more
Joeseph Moore
Joeseph Moore Napja
Why is wii sports not on switch? Like that would be an awesome idea.
Brecker Ray
Brecker Ray Napja
The fire is Greek fire
Brecker Ray
Brecker Ray Napja
The best duo is Garfield and Lazaunya
Mat Kerr
Mat Kerr Napja
Iconic duo matpat and ruining childhood games
Mat Kerr
Mat Kerr Napja
Iconic duo Jared and subway
The Random Cat on the Internet
The Random Cat on the Internet Napja
is mario a furry because the cat bell gives him a fursuit
AaronFlareon 25
AaronFlareon 25 Napja
8:42 I’m mean it’s possible that Mario can do this because Mario can use the opposite of the fire flower which is the ice flower which has the ability to freeze anything solid on impact and I don’t really know the temperature needed for something like that and I doubt that it is close to -400 degrees but hay its just a thought.
2:35 mario and the mushrooms lol
Noobmuffin Napja
a more ionic duo would be stephanie and matpat (or crafting table and furnace)
big crunch
big crunch Napja
or it could be not that deep and just be magic... ffs
TortillianTurtle Napja
mario and luigi
Amberle Buss
Amberle Buss Napja
Plants and Zombies are more iconic. You can't change my mind. Edit: Peanut Butter and Jelly or Fluff works as well.
Suzette Fernando
Suzette Fernando Napja
A more iconic duo? Rick and morty
Cyber Dragon Zekrom
Cyber Dragon Zekrom Napja
ok so when are we getting a film theory on vtubers?
derwood773 Napja
Why the Fire Flower? So this video points out we need 3 things, Ammonium Perchlorate (oxidizer) Powdered Aluminum (fuel) Rubber (binding agent) Rubber is the easiest one to talk about, so let's start there. Natural rubber is made from Latex produced in plants. So there's actually an abundance of rubbery compounds in plants, many of us are familiar with rubber trees. I thought I was going to have to play the "It's a fictional flower" card here, but many flower plants produce latex as well. "Latex is produced by 20,000 flowering plant species from over 40 families. These include both dicots and monocots. Latex has been found in 14 percent of tropical plant species, as well as six percent of temperate plant species" - From the latex page on wikipedia Powdered Aluminum is actually really easy too. Aluminum is the most common substance in the earths crust. "In the Earth's crust, aluminium is the most abundant metallic element (8.23% by mass[25])" -From the aluminum page on wikipedia However there's an issue here. Googling about the aluminium, it seems like plants do absorb it, but not in the highest quantities. So we might be playing the "fictional plant" card here a little. Maybe the fire flower has some way to process the aluminium, and pulls more of it out of the ground. Kind of like how wood is extremely difficult to digest, however termites have adapted a special acid to help digest wood. So possibly the fire flower has adapted in a similar way? The Ammonium Perchlorate is the non-starter. It's an inorganic compound. Not made by nature. HOWEVER! Maybe the fire flower doesn't get its solid oxidizer there. Photosynthesis processes CO2 into Oxygen, so there's definitely oxygen being processed through the plant. So heavily playing the "fictional plant" card here, maybe instead of breathing out the oxygen as a natural waste product like other plants do, maybe it processes it into an organic solid compound with the latex is produces?
Nota KrustyKrabb
Nota KrustyKrabb Napja
Hey Matt I found the simple solution to this, it’s magic
isaiah friesen
isaiah friesen Napja
sonic and tails mario and luigi
Kevin Hull
Kevin Hull 2 napja
It was from trying to mimic the sound the game makes in the original Super Mario Bros when Mario shoots a fireball that I discovered the f-bomb. (I was so bummed when my mom told me it was a bad word and not to use it.)
Kevin Hull
Kevin Hull 2 napja
The goomba evidently never learned stop, drop, roll.
Alexander Asher
Alexander Asher 2 napja
Can you please do a game theory on Devil May Cry
Aryan Maggon
Aryan Maggon 2 napja
Crafting table and furnace. You have been beat
Hud 2 napja
Remember when matpat did the video with pbg
Imran 2 napja
Don't mind me just here for Korone
Darin Hauner
Darin Hauner 2 napja
6:46 that's not diatomic oxygen, its H2O with an O2 label on the central oxygen. The statement is correct, but the graphic is not.
zivosaurus -rex
zivosaurus -rex 2 napja
are ya sure that mario doesn't just gain pyro powers i used a fancy word right there pyro
Rosenda Vargas
Rosenda Vargas 2 napja
Name a better duo I'll wait... Me: MatPat and FNaF
Daniel Y
Daniel Y 2 napja
So uh... Is anyone gonna point out the elephant in the room? All the oxygen molecule icons are water molecules.......... O_o
TheDarkNinja Rises
TheDarkNinja Rises 2 napja
MORE iconic duo: Mario and Luigi
heli pad
heli pad 3 napja
i noticed that the symbol for o2 used at 6:50 is actually the symbol for h2o, and it is actually used almost immediately after at 7:08 as just that, the symbol of h2o.
William Is The Best!!!
William Is The Best!!! 3 napja
Nice intri
Naf Yroeht emag
Naf Yroeht emag 3 napja
It literally says the answer in the title
Just Your Average Eggify
Just Your Average Eggify 3 napja
Bro im so pumped for this Luigi theory! said everyone’s favorite plumber.. So why is it Mario?
ThesupremeproYT 3 napja
Rest In peace Grant you will be missed
Jbad11_42 3 napja
2:35.... the super mushroom?
James Larsen
James Larsen 3 napja
2:35 skid n pump
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper 3 napja
2:34 Master Chief and Arbiter
Axe_Face 9
Axe_Face 9 3 napja
Mario and mushroom more iconic duo
Minecraft GamerTube
Minecraft GamerTube 3 napja
i mean mario and a mushroom is very iconic
Luke Noland
Luke Noland 3 napja
The most iconic powerup should 100% go to (drumroll) Gordon Freeman and The Crowbar. Come on guys.
Luke James
Luke James 3 napja
Mario and mushrooms
David Guthary
David Guthary 3 napja
6:45 Those molecules are water, not oxygen. Yes, water contains oxygen, but they are not one and the same.
Owen Limtiaco
Owen Limtiaco 3 napja
Mario n mush
Bubbleez 3 napja
Water and fish
xXItz_DaigoXx 3 napja
I can name a more iconic duo, Izuku and a hospital bed
Motivational Lizard
Motivational Lizard 3 napja
Mario and Luigi Mario and Mushrooms Mario and Peach Luigi and Daisy (wait, maybe not) Mario and Bowser
Motivational Lizard
Motivational Lizard 3 napja
Alt name for this channel: childhood ruiners!
Riago Artavia
Riago Artavia 3 napja
Mario has become a scientist
I.Edwards 3 napja
Greek fire bouncy ball
Aude Tuazon
Aude Tuazon 3 napja
I came here for the Korone feature
Hand and Legs
Hand and Legs 3 napja
is it a ball on a special fire ?
SDW 3 napja
There is no better feeling than when you see a Hololive reference in a place that has nothing to do with Hololive
Lemon Power
Lemon Power 3 napja
Pika 3 napja
Mario can use rasengan
Kamori 4 napja
Water In The Fire WHY?
Braxy Jr
Braxy Jr 4 napja
Iconic duo I’ll wait bowser and peach
Weegee King
Weegee King 4 napja
Luigi + poltergust.
statiK 4 napja
7:26 KORONE!!!!!
David Jaloma
David Jaloma 4 napja
A more iconic duo : bob and larry
• sunset salami •
• sunset salami • 4 napja
A more iconic duo: Austin and absolute insanity by the end of every episode he hosts
keiloun martin
keiloun martin 4 napja
So this explains why Luffy can use red hawk underwater
JosephBox 4 napja
Flower of fire another name for a fire flower
Kamen Ranger
Kamen Ranger 4 napja
Korone in Game Theory is something I never expected but I definitely love
Brandon Healy
Brandon Healy 4 napja
more iconic duo: matt patt watching kung fu panda ill wait for a better one
Tekceb-12 4 napja
crafting table and furnace
MartianMallow Games
MartianMallow Games 4 napja
Fish Central
Fish Central 4 napja
Tom nook and Isabelle
Sibunu Danny1785
Sibunu Danny1785 4 napja
Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez 4 napja
"What's next? an ice ball theory?" - nope
William Romero
William Romero 4 napja
so mat pat is watching a Japanese HUpostr
Doin Daworst
Doin Daworst 4 napja
Please sir can you do don’t starve?
Derp 4 napja
korone is adorable
2B 5 napja
a more iconic duo you say? Bonnie and Clyde 🤷‍♂️
2B 5 napja
matt watches vtubers CONFIRMED he's a weeb!!... ONE OF US!! ONE OF US!!!
Chinda Lach
Chinda Lach 5 napja
Ok so what is luigis green fireball in super smash 😏
Alex Crapeau
Alex Crapeau 5 napja
I got a better duo Matpat and Diet Coke
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