Game Theory: 3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories!

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The Game Theorists

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Theorists, I have been up to my ears in FNAF theories lately and so I thought, " Why not do a rapid fire of 3 mini-theories in one episode?" That's right, you get not one, not two, but THREE theories today! WE are talking everything from new clues to FNAF Security Breach to what is going on in the newest Fazbear Frights books, to maybe even uncovering the TRUE villain we've all been overlooking! No time to waste! Let's dive in!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Weegeepie 8 napja
That homage to Ronnie's animation is just so heartwarming fav GT episode
•Lolo The Cupcake•
•Lolo The Cupcake• 10 órája
@Top Movie Clips get a job
Tazdivil 15 órája
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer 19 órája
@Mystic Raizins it isn't the point.
Mystic Raizins
Mystic Raizins 19 órája
@The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer song’s a banger tho
Deliannie Gonzalez
Deliannie Gonzalez Napja
Hey weegeepie remember Mario’s -s
Mihir Patel
Mihir Patel 2 perccel
Hey MatPat, I wanted to let you know that I found a FNAF 1 song that contains some lore, which is now useless because you did it without a song that just sings the sweet lore to you, but I thought I would let you and anybody else who has theories about the FNAF series know.
SpeedTV 3 perccel
Omg fanf freddy night **NOT CLICKBAIT** **OMG HE CAME TO MY HOUSE**
{XRöasted_MarshmãllowsX} 11 perccel
that undertale slash doe
Jay 11 perccel
Never thought a series about possessed animatronics would enter into “The Thing” territory
Lea does art _qjmki
Lea does art _qjmki 12 perccel
Who else recognized jake peralta
The Bisquit
The Bisquit 18 perccel
My birthday is one day after the game theory anniversary 🤔
Eunice Baldovino
Eunice Baldovino 25 perccel
I just realized in fnaf world there is 16 gravestones on the creepy part of the map i am pretty sure there is spmething about the number 16 in most of your theories about the tapes and candles
Todd Patterson
Todd Patterson 26 perccel
Foxy was my favorite animatronic too :(
skunk? 27 perccel
william is like the main character of an anime expect hes evil ‘n stuff
Silas Moons
Silas Moons 31 perce
I feels like the missing beak on chica could be connected to toy chica however them being the same is far fetched. I feel like I could be toy chica lashing out against this new residence perhaps a darker reason?
MrMr. Blank
MrMr. Blank 53 perccel
8:53 He got me in the first half, not gonna lie.
Willy Boy
Willy Boy 54 perccel
y'know how in fnaf 1,2 and 3 at the end of every night it would be the time turning from 5 to 6 am with the sound of a grandfather clock, I think that has something to do with the puppet only because in fnaf 2 when you wind up the music box, the song its playing is called "grandfather clock" coincidence? I THINK NOT!
cindy and buppy
cindy and buppy Órája
when fnafsb comes out you need to make a new timeline because all of this is all confusing cuz how does it go from children getting stuffed into robots to a time traveling ball pit
Freaking Thanos
Freaking Thanos Órája
Mangle is the Toy Foxy.
yuiify Órája
14:21 "killer doalls"
Eric Whalen
Eric Whalen Órája
I liked the diff stiles in the same thing. Do it more often!
gachu_is_cool Órája
William is not glitchtrapp
Ghoul Red
Ghoul Red Órája
Sometimes I wonder if the books doesn't actually mean anything but when bits and pieces from each book is combine it makes a story or give lore information like a puzzle piece from multiple puzzles that only from one puzzle witha fraction of each case, the games doesn't seem as much as fever dream then the books
Diamante Mirabelle
Diamante Mirabelle Órája
To anyone trying to solve the mysteries of this series, I have something to say that might help you: One of my friends brings two friends, then two of my friends go get three. Three friends bring four friends, then four friends come back to alert me. Two friends can bring three enemies, and three enemies bring four. The least of four will bring the best of five, and the five victims will bring more.
Fry Guy
Fry Guy Órája
Scott will stop FNAF when Matt dies 😂💀
Some guy on 800ping
Some guy on 800ping Órája
April 18 is my b day lol
Scarlett Olivia
Scarlett Olivia Órája
damn... Trashton
Charli3 Órája
Trash Bunny, Afton, Trash Bunny, Afton, I got it! Trashton!
Cassidy Nicolas
Cassidy Nicolas Órája
MatPat I have a little theory I've been thinking on and wish to share now: What if GlitchTrap isn't William Afton?
Elijah Hayes
Elijah Hayes Órája
fnaf in space?
Reaper Animations
Reaper Animations 2 órája
Petition for matpat make a book theory
Jaylen Cooper
Jaylen Cooper 2 órája
This is a good bunch of theories. But Scott wouldn't make fun of Matpat, right? *looks at Scott*
Nightmeow on Elm Street
Nightmeow on Elm Street 2 órája
No offense they remind me of the Willy’s Wonderland Animatronics
Klownkandi1992 2 órája
I REALLY hope we get all our questions answered at some point. my main concern; *is phone guy the purple guy or NOT* ???
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 56 perccel
He has been confirmed not to be for 6 years
Nightmeow on Elm Street
Nightmeow on Elm Street 2 órája
I like both
Latha Sathya
Latha Sathya 2 órája
April 18 is my b day
Fi W
Fi W 2 órája
I think that the slender baby is also from the novels... Rewind to Fourth Closet
•Deliah_Demon• 2 órája
The tall “Baby” animatronic is actually an animatronic named “Eleanor”
ヅƵɇɍø 2 órája
Mian The fox
Mian The fox 2 órája
Now I feel more proud of being born in April
Bárbara Nogueira
Bárbara Nogueira 2 órája
Scoot: how do u want to look lik- Chica: no beak Scoot: what Chica: no beak and confess mapat
Hamilton Universe
Hamilton Universe 2 órája
I don't know... There technically WAS a toy foxy, it was mangle, so I don't know how well the toy to glamrock theory holds up.
lolbit 2 órája
I know I watched this late especially because it's about my own universe but watching this while it swaps through the game theory styles gives me bubonic brain aids
Ally Mae
Ally Mae 2 órája
yo that’s my birthday :)
Mad cat Star
Mad cat Star 2 órája
I think that Elizabeth Afton was the favorite child lamo😂
Lucky Lukas
Lucky Lukas 2 órája
I mean...mangle was toy foxy. Name changed to mangle because kids kept tearing her apart.
Candy Mandy
Candy Mandy 2 órája
I love the idea of baby being the big bad because she loves her father and wants to continue what he started to “make him proud”, but that might just be me absorbing fnaf head cannons
14:56 MatPat rickrolls us
scott cawthon world fnaf universe official
scott cawthon world fnaf universe official 3 órája
chica lost is bip is that toy chica
scott cawthon world fnaf universe official
scott cawthon world fnaf universe official 3 órája
chica is back but how be remove but now greogry is freddy how to do inside
Aleksa Zlatković
Aleksa Zlatković 3 órája
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Romeo's fun house
Romeo's fun house 3 órája
if baby got scraped then used michel to go up how could she be in the book
Emma 000
Emma 000 3 órája
So this channel is the same age as me-
Zero Whitefang
Zero Whitefang 3 órája
When did FNAF become Kingdom Hearts? Everyone’s Xehanort! Everyone is Afton!
Sophie Gordon
Sophie Gordon 3 órája
Hey, so I might just be tired compared to usual, but I feel like I need to call attention to the 1st mini-ish theory. Isn't Roxy kind've supposed to be like Foxy? Hence the reason both their names sounds similar. However, the main logic does seem t go along with it. Also another counter to this could be the fact that Mangle was technically Toy Foxy. You'd think that they'd be able to fix her by then, right? That theory probably isn't as legit as the others seem to be, but I still felt that I should say something. It's been a while since I was fully in the fandom myself and was making theories of my own though, so maybe my thinking isn't as on point. I kind've had my toes dipped in, and I want to get back in again so I'm just watching his theories lol.
Dominic Torres
Dominic Torres 3 órája
pls go back to fnaf vr and see what happins win you dont get any tapes
tinylongcat gaming
tinylongcat gaming 3 órája
Isnt roxy foxy tho?
Ginger Bowen
Ginger Bowen 4 órája
Thank you for using most of your time for ten years!!! To give us the game theory it would not be the same without you
Fusion 4 órája
Just make a super episode explaining all of FNAF because i can't keep up with this
BananaBoi 4 órája
My 1st YT anniversary is April 18th 2020
Gwyn Stuckless
Gwyn Stuckless 4 órája
I don’t know why but I feel like the next installment of fnaf Will be Detroit become human
Hasmat Ara
Hasmat Ara 4 órája
Watch my big brain plan Step 1: route this guy to some sort of computer Step 2:Once you have the virus throw your computer in the Incinerator Step 3:Watch the screams of ur favorte virus man that kills people in the fire :)
Evan Amsden
Evan Amsden 4 órája
You are soooooo smart 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Larissadoesn’texist 4 órája
5:16 “Us inside of him” Oh okay.... *wait what*
Alex Tuozzo
Alex Tuozzo 4 órája
I skipped past the intro so this editing really confused me the first time
KoriCat Gamer
KoriCat Gamer 4 órája
A giant trash afton? Kinda seems like that claw in the end of the trailer.....
Hector Perez
Hector Perez 4 órája
Golden Freddy will save the day
Ashraf Kitu
Ashraf Kitu 4 órája
That Food toery was right you tuhansia are apaest what fnaf
Mr. Bear
Mr. Bear 5 órája
11:50 there is another thing running around behind the scenes... DABABY
Is it just me or does the faz-goo sound like “the thing”
DeerySenpai 5 órája
THREE KNUGGETS? thats not nearly enough >:O
Huweida Faraj
Huweida Faraj 5 órája
The glamorous have the best designs change my mind
Huweida Faraj
Huweida Faraj 5 órája
That intro the nostalgia is real
Snoot Snoot
Snoot Snoot 5 órája
FNAF 2: No foxy? Just put the Mangle in FNAF SB: No Foxy? Throw the Roxanne in
forthwife 5 órája
That's actually Eleanor, Eleanor is a sperate animatronic from circus baby
IzzyG 5 órája
April 18th is my birthday omg!!
Jodie Beauchamp
Jodie Beauchamp 5 órája
I think that there should be an epilepsy warning
Dany Vargas
Dany Vargas 6 órája
Dude April 30 is my bday
TibTobTom 6 órája
Shoot, I forgot how much I missed the wrinkled paper background
ZombieCow11 6 órája
And my birthday is on April 30th! Let’s goooooo!!!
Sutherland Family
Sutherland Family 6 órája
darn! you should have put the i think not meme matpat! cmon dude!!!
TurTles Skylar
TurTles Skylar 6 órája
" baby is in the background on the fight" Me " bish that is elenore from a different universe
Aleccs ?
Aleccs ? 6 órája
Man, I joined around the puppet era and this was a really nice throwback, especially to Ronnie. This was lovely guys thankyou
WOOF 6 órája
Supermariofan 64
Supermariofan 64 6 órája
These sprites weren't used since the first fnaf theory
Sibusiso Qolani
Sibusiso Qolani 6 órája
3k dislikes wow
Rory Olson
Rory Olson 6 órája
he started 4 days after i was born- i am 11 today!
Lasse Lindholm
Lasse Lindholm 6 órája
William afton is not glitchtrap
FourthDimensionPyro 6 órája
Remember when you could just watch Mariplier be the king of FNAF and then hop over here to see what big lore was hiding behind it, without having to read a bunch of books? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
let’s BE CLEAR
let’s BE CLEAR 5 órája
Yes 😭 the good times now it’s so complicated we’ll never be satisfied because things will never add up all the way which is why from a timeline sense from the beginning to end is a mess all I want to know now is why Afton even started killing kids in the first place
k.s plays
k.s plays 6 órája
I have to say as a long time fan that intro brought a tear to my eye
EpicMike16 7 órája
You know what, i'm going to bat out a mini- theory. Just on the trailer and nothing else. Assuming facial recognition from all the animatronics, and the one chasing you. Your a kid that sneaks into the theme park. (hence avoiding the human security guard). Making the animatronics go after you. This may mean that the main 4, when not charging, or working are in partnership with the female security guard nightly to catch intruders. (Seeing as they walk in a set path marching) The four+ animatronics are converted via the bunny animatronic: hence the words: Insanity Prevails. The bunny animatronic -> maybe? the clown animatronic (the one seen with the moon face). As it has the same build, and we can not see part of it due to it wearing a mask, and hotpants that cover it. We cannot see the bunny's neck clearly either. It can also change its clothes to represent night mode too. That or there is simply a sun and a moon animatronic.
ItsMeMia_Playz 7 órája
Yes my favorite game series :DDD
Brendon’s Life!
Brendon’s Life! 7 órája
Sooooo.... no dead kids? just them being hacked? Oh alright
Mia Carneiro
Mia Carneiro 7 órája
I was watching some old fnaf theories the other day and noticed one detail; a kid named Andrew was killed by Michael Afton in one of the books and possesses his body stopping him from dying. It was noted that he had curly black hair and was wearing an alligator mask. Do you think that Andrew and Montgomery Gator have any connection? They are the only two gators in the game if I'm correct. (its a bit of a long shot and it might sound dumb but I was thinking abt it and it was driving me crazy lol)
Zingzz 7 órája
Friendo?? Has someone been watching JJK?? 😏😉
Goatman Has Fallen
Goatman Has Fallen 7 órája
I just found this out but Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama and the crocodile animatronics name is Montgomery.
Kaithaballer Jr
Kaithaballer Jr 7 órája
If glam rock chica is toy chica then why is she attacking us if we are a child
Metroplex 7 órája
Callback to the original animation style, cool
Hilda Romero
Hilda Romero 7 órája
10 years with you matpat im now 21
Gamerboy 7 órája
There is no foxy maybe foxy took over someone already and is helping baby since foxy`s not seen and foxy could be getting youre trust as that boy in the animatronic and more animatronics took over and at the end kill or eat the boy. Extending on that at the beginning of security breach vanny says, "The first time i saw you, you were small pathetic but now you are more." small as a chilled and they don`t go for children also in the trailer it says, "They are coming for you Gregery and they will not stop hunting you none of them will stop hunting you." They go for the perent`s because they help you when you get a night mare and they attack in a dream so they want to take over human society but hey that`s just a theory a game theory.
Noah Boothe
Noah Boothe 8 órája
I was born April 18th
Honda Boy
Honda Boy 8 órája
You even talk less enthusiastic
AkoSiJoed 8 órája
It would be a dream of my entire life if it moved to my birthday April 27
Jeremiah Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor 8 órája
This was posted the day before my birthday
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