How Mario DESTROYED His World! | The SCIENCE of... Super Mario Bros 3

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We've covered the problems with Mario's moon, now Austin is headed for the sun! Specifically, the suns that attack you in Super Mario Mario Bros. 3. You see, destroying a sun has consequences and Mario may have just doomed everyone! What happens when you destroy the sun? Well Theorists, the future of the Mushroom Kingdom is not looking bright...
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Nikita Onyshko
Nikita Onyshko 4 órája
If you know it take a video of it
Nikita Onyshko
Nikita Onyshko 4 órája
Do you know Friday night funkin
Nikita Onyshko
Nikita Onyshko 5 órája
Anyways ummm your not doing the video of there is no Mario sun? Your not doing this video
Nikita Onyshko
Nikita Onyshko 5 órája
What you saying your doing tooooooooooooooooooooo much longer even your doing the videos toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long Even longer!
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu 14 órája
Instead of Marioopilus, worry about nuclear winter lol
TheDarKiKo 14 órája
Sweating Bedwars
Cmdr. Johnpooky84
Cmdr. Johnpooky84 15 órája
Nuclear power would solve the electricity issue, and absolutely massive UV light farms for plants to make oxygen MIGHT solve the atmosphere issue.
Moblin Moe
Moblin Moe 19 órája
Honestly, id try to sneak aboard one of them space rockets some scientist made for attempting to live in space. Beacouse you know some scientists has tried that.
Lewis Mierka
Lewis Mierka 23 órája
space station... mars... moon..- what would happen to the moon anyway?
The guy Who asked
The guy Who asked Napja
How to survive the cold hell Step one: evolve to reject you mortal coil
George Phucas
George Phucas Napja
* Typing* HI
Kenny Carter
Kenny Carter Napja
After a few days.. commit suicide..... To survive... build an underground civilisation until the core freezes
Ausitron Napja
I'll spend my last days dying
Justin Rangle
Justin Rangle Napja
So austin where we at with part 2 of this and part 3 of the richest characters of all
Aka Sinai
Aka Sinai 2 napja
When is the second part coming
Desert Toad
Desert Toad 2 napja
I would skydive into the darkness
Will Burgos
Will Burgos 2 napja
You know it’s just a enemy pretending to be a sun to attack right Like hidden in plain sight
Amish Patil
Amish Patil 2 napja
Didn't mat pat use to make game theory videos what happened
Human_entropy ___
Human_entropy ___ 3 napja
So where is part two?
nicholas weber
nicholas weber 3 napja
Get your "pail of air"
Elijah Pennington
Elijah Pennington 3 napja
0:22 To be honest, I kinda want you to do a Film Theory. If and and overlord Mat are fine with it. I think it would be a fun way to stave off that inevitable writer's block.
Flyin43 3 napja
Austin's evil scientist laugh is coming along nicely I see
the cultured refrigerator
the cultured refrigerator 3 napja
Hey dad can explain the sun eclipse Dad: *no sun* Plz don't kill me
Baked beans
Baked beans 3 napja
I guess Austin ran out of ideas now hyur hur hur HUT HUR
Prince Taylor
Prince Taylor 4 napja
Part 3
d williams
d williams 4 napja
ah but wouldnt the gravity from the moon give us a form of energy which could warm us up?
Ruben Notarangelo
Ruben Notarangelo 4 napja
This video seems very distantly related to Super Mario Bros 3. I feel like the only connection is the fact that the angry sun is featured in smb3. Another thing is that the information gathered seems to be incredibly similar to vsauce's video on what would happen if the sun disappeared.
Kyrah Young
Kyrah Young 5 napja
so, my mom asked why i was so paranoid. my answer was simply:the science of everything on earth is gonna kill us
DeCell 5 napja
Just go core u not gona die
Jack Sterling
Jack Sterling 6 napja
I have a HUpost channel
iiKshtaa [BeGo]
iiKshtaa [BeGo] 6 napja
but if we speak using science both Earth and Mario would be incinerated if sun moves like that, Right?..
აგვისტოს'ეული 6 napja
Austin:"yelling" Headphones:what did i do to you that you want to kill me
Pewdie ROAR
Pewdie ROAR 7 napja
Where’s MatPat??
Melody Counts
Melody Counts 8 napja
I will get all the ice cream that we have in the freezer
SpeedOfHarmony 8 napja
Only Austin can give me anxiety about something impossible.
Mob Pyscho
Mob Pyscho 8 napja
Still wait for the next part Austin
K T 8 napja
I would spend my last days doing illegal things cause it's pointless to stop me.
T Belliveau
T Belliveau 9 napja
Did you ever do a dragon warrior/quest video?
Genesy 9 napja
You forgot the air would liquefy
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 10 napja
He’s asking this but not asking how the sun gets close enough to hit Mario.
Cerberus 10 napja
Make img a tank
Sado Mars
Sado Mars 10 napja
The sun enemy isn't the real sun. It's not the Mushroom Kingdom's sun either. This is dumb.
Abhigyan Nath
Abhigyan Nath 10 napja
astein sucks
Cultured Weeb no
Cultured Weeb no 11 napja
I would spend the last moments watching the next video
The Puppet Gaster
The Puppet Gaster 12 napja
Jkl t
Joeseph Moore
Joeseph Moore 12 napja
If the sun went out and we had to light the moon on fire how bright would it need to be to become a second sun.
CryFold 11 napja
ah yes were going to manage to get a rocket in one millisecond
NateBit8 12 napja
too late for me.
London Hebert
London Hebert 12 napja
I would kill myself on the last days on earth
muhammed shuaib
muhammed shuaib 14 napja
I would survive
Ghost Fighter
Ghost Fighter 14 napja
The sun☉ missing all animals plants humans and MARIO is death😉
Alex V
Alex V 15 napja
Dying to a hurricane
Eurekify! 15 napja
Basically Vsauce
Nathan Dossett
Nathan Dossett 15 napja
feel like he said this in the video but how long would it take for us to realize the sun is gone?
Elisabet Doctor
Elisabet Doctor 16 napja
Mat pat is better
Xander Rice
Xander Rice 16 napja
How I would spend my last days on earth after the sun disappeared: Stockpiling all of the textbooks I could in a location where they could possibly survive the incoming conditions. To leave a record of our existence. Although that would obviously be secondary to finding a way for myself and my family to survive, which would probably be to find something radioactive enough to give off significant heat, surrounding it in water for shielding, and putting all of this in an underground bunker. I probably wouldn't get it done in time, but I'd also try to find ways to use this to produce electricity to create light for plants, etc. Also, on the list of people to find and save would be a PhD in botany/agriculture, a PhD in genetic engineering, a PhD in nuclear engineering to maintain the nuclear reactor, etc. Additionally, I'd find myself a spouse, because we'd likely die despite our efforts and I'd rather not die before I do that.
IslandCave 17 napja
Mario 3 doesnt take place in the Mushroom Kingdom, it takes place in the Mushroom World!, the Mushroom Kingdom, which Mario 1 takes place in, is the gateway to the Mushroom World! Read the Mario 1 & Mario 3 instruction booklets!
Joaron Xpress
Joaron Xpress 18 napja
wait, does that mean Austin's 33 years old. OH MY JESUS
Kalyko.katt87 18 napja
Part 3 of richest game chars...😐
Christopher Sin
Christopher Sin 19 napja
Not sure if that was the son they were talking about but still a good anology.
Christopher Sin
Christopher Sin 19 napja
What u going to do if something worse gets out?
Christopher Sin
Christopher Sin 19 napja
And that weak bug isnt apocalypse material.
Kenpachi Elric
Kenpachi Elric 19 napja
Richest char... I stopped myself
The Universal guy
The Universal guy 20 napja
Part three where is the richest character
Hotaru Kudoka
Hotaru Kudoka 20 napja
Austin's insanity levels are always gonna be at an all time high as long as there are games for him to break his skull over
nivolcMmAI 22 napja
I'm surprised you didn't even make a passing remark on how much force it would take to instantly destroy the sun with a physical impact.
I guess Austin ran out of ideas hyur hur hur HUR HUR
zack_game dev
zack_game dev 22 napja
i gusse astin ran out of ideas uuguhugtyngbvhgfbv
I am Mazki
I am Mazki 22 napja
me and the boys going to world 8 while the world dies
Glitterstar 22 napja
Okok hear me out, but what if we made an underground cave system þat we moved to. All we would technically need is an artificial sun þat is able to feed plants and some artificial heating system and we would be fineee
MAX GADSDEN 22 napja
Bro I hate when Mario kills the sun
Liam Dare
Liam Dare 23 napja
God I love Austin
Lucas Conway
Lucas Conway 23 napja
IT is 7 sec
Lucas Conway
Lucas Conway 23 napja
No you didden
Lucas Conway
Lucas Conway 23 napja
Have you forgotten light speed
Giovanni Portera
Giovanni Portera 23 napja
Part 3 richest game characters when? Im just here to annoy you
jan Ikinasiwotalasiki
jan Ikinasiwotalasiki 23 napja
Gravity. 0:59
Aki 23 napja
lol guess austin ran out of ideas
misdrievous Demise
misdrievous Demise 24 napja
At this point I don't care about the tragic context of these videos, I just want to hear Austin vocally lose his mind.
Reason 24 napja
yotam delayahu
yotam delayahu 24 napja
I don't care about the richest character give me the second part of how to survive in the fallout world you promised to teach me how to make a distillery
Terra1998 24 napja
i just assumed that it was a monster disguising itself as a sun to trick you
Aaron Caloza
Aaron Caloza 24 napja
Vo1dG4mer 25 napja
4:06 silksong still wouldnt be released even if it went there and back
Daniel M. Reck
Daniel M. Reck 25 napja
How about a theory about what exactly the angry sun actually *is*, since it is clearly not the star the Mario planet orbits.
Fallen Warior
Fallen Warior 25 napja
"Nobody can stop me" Gravity:am I a joke to you?
Dark Goombowser
Dark Goombowser 26 napja
I love it when I stumble on a theory with Austin.
nos 26 napja
,,i always assumed it was just another species that happens to look like the sun Of course, I have never actually played the game so idk
Jace Davis
Jace Davis 26 napja
The audacity to call the sun enemy from Mario the star we rely on, is ridiculous, it is clearly an enemy, I mean bro he literally shrink to a different height after touching it
ian wilkinson
ian wilkinson 27 napja
as the world freezes, i shall take up arms and attempt to enter valhalla
Sharky 27 napja
Where is matpat
The Mouth Of Sauron
The Mouth Of Sauron 27 napja
Se på os! Vi er ikke bare nogen koder der skal være ignorerede! MATPAT AUSTIN!
Kaden Hays
Kaden Hays 27 napja
Undercover science lesson.
MaxTheMaximumGamer 27 napja
Pretty sure the atmosphere would begin to freeze to the surface before the oxygen starts getting depleted. It's not like atmospheric gasses can remain gasses at hell-frozen-over temperatures. Just look at Pluto. Pluto does in fact have an atmosphere during its orbital summer when it's close enough to the sun for its volatiles to sublimate, but the atmosphere quickly freezes to the surface for the rest of the year. The same thing would happen to Earth within months after the sun vanishes.
Vsauce already did this video in 2013
glory_to_arstotzka 27 napja
The swiss: Just another day at quarantine
doomforzombies 28 napja
Still waiting for part two
I guess Austin ran out of ideas now hyur hur hur HUR HUR
Scyfoa Animation
Scyfoa Animation 28 napja
I mean earth core its pretty hot We can survive there... but not for long
Craftabal 29 napja
Mario is Missing 3! features mario as he runs away from the mushroom kingdom!
Kody Hodges
Kody Hodges 29 napja
i love games
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