It's Coming... The Game Theory $1,000,000 Challenge for St. Jude!

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The Game Theorists

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Set your reminder now for Dec. 1st! ►
And use the blue Donate Button to start donating!

The biggest charity livestream of the year is almost here! HUpost Originals presents The Game Theory $1,000,000 Challenge for St. Jude, brought to you by State Farm®. Get ready for 9 hours of insane challenges, incredible guests, and fundraising for the best cause out there: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.

Are you ready to help raise $1,000,000 with some of your favorite creators? Tune in at 10:00am PT/ 1:00pm ET on December 1st for an AMAZING show! Your donation could win you cool prizes like game consoles, huge gift cards, or even free trips! Plus we will have the SMARTEST game of Among Us ever, the world’s biggest game of Pictionary, and wacky holiday baking challenges. You can get in the action during a showdown between the kings of FNAF as they try to win while YOU control what happens in the game through your donations! You have to be there to see it.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80% since it opened more than 50 years ago. And families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food-because all they should worry about is helping their child live. Join us in our lifesaving mission: Finding cures. Saving children.®
For more information on St. Jude and the work they do, visit their official website. ►
And visit their official channel! ►

We want to thank our 30+ guests, who together total over 300 million subscribers, for joining in to make this event SPECTACULAR!
Alpharad ►
Alton Dulaney ►
Binging with Babish ►
Chloe Ting ►
Colleen Ballinger ►
CrankGamePlays ►
Dawko ►
Disguised Toast ►
DJ Sterf ►
Dream ►
Game Grumps ►
Hollis Belger ►
Jaiden Animations ►
Jake Roper ►
Josh (Mythical Kitchen) ►
Kyle Hill ►
Marques Brownlee ►
Mark Rober ►
Markiplier ►
Mike Lamond ►
MrBeast ►
Odd1sOut ►
PhysicsGirl ►
Pokimane ►
Rhett and Link ►
Rosanna Pansino ►
Safiya Nygaard ►
Stuff Made Here ►
Try Guys ►
Tyler Williams ►
Veritasium ►

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Norma Bosano
Norma Bosano 4 napja
People wanna cancel him: freak charity Not cool guys this is very good for our humanity why you trollers are hating this is charity for people who have cancer Not cool 😠😡
Tygo Karsdorp
Tygo Karsdorp 13 napja
i can see who the imposter is with no cheats and i gut super many luck
Junior Sierra
Junior Sierra 18 napja
What about 8-bitryan hes a super cool content creator 😶😭
Shinso 20 napja
Congrats on raising 3M Matt pat
David Campbell
David Campbell 25 napja
How over 500 people disliked this will always astound me.
Memeber Berry
Memeber Berry Hónapja
Lmao Matthew puts him self in a photo like this thumbnail to make it look like he has friends besides his wife
Shanna Shenna
Shanna Shenna Hónapja
The known prosecution logically snow because rutabaga cephalometrically notice in a dapper defense. envious, sulky volleyball
Andrew Barrow
Andrew Barrow Hónapja
coved is bad
Johnny’s Bricks
Johnny’s Bricks 2 hónapja
I want to make a charity stream on 12/1/21.
Shin Godzilla Is Smart
Shin Godzilla Is Smart 2 hónapja
Me: *Sees Animators I know* Also Me: *Monkey sounds intensifying*
Evie Stainton
Evie Stainton 2 hónapja
None of these are my “favourite creators”
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 3 hónapja
I AM COMING AS A FNAF REPRESENTATIVE: Hello Matpat, I had just finished reading the book Blackbird and I thought of something. In the first story, Nole and Sam create a fake animatronic that comes and tries to kill Nole after Sam goes missing. He is haunted until he is forced to confront he victim form Jr. High and apologize for his bullying. Going back to the Blackbird, they made a suit for it and it seems to come to life. Now this could just be a mere coincidence that Nole experiences trauma but this is FNAF so I’m not so sure about that. But regarding the suits life, it came to life after Sam and Nole Discuss Nole’s bullying. So maybe the suit came to life via the agony caused by the bully victim, Christine. And once he makes amends to her, the agony is gone. Nothing is left to fuel the bird. So my point is, maybe agony doesn’t have to be injected directly. Maybe all it takes is an inanimate object related to a strong felling of agony. After all, Sam was sort of bulled by Nole and after that, the suit that Sam made supposedly comes to life, reawakening the agony from Christine. This agony goes to form Blackbird and stays inside it until amends is made. Now I draw your attention to Psychic Freind Fredbear. He may be fulled not by a sole but by agony. He is fueled with the agony do The Crying Child’s greif and sadness. And the reason the doll is in William’s office is because William will soon use it for it’s agony or because it’s a momentum of his child. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk
Kavious Hart
Kavious Hart 3 hónapja
Zion Marquez
Zion Marquez 3 hónapja
Do the forest
NIRRUP NERG 3 hónapja
If every subscriber literally gave $1 they could achieve $12 million
Kailey Wilson
Kailey Wilson 3 hónapja
the live was AMAZING
Braydon Buczak
Braydon Buczak 3 hónapja
They should do a video about the last episode of mandolorian
Jude Connor-Macintyre
Jude Connor-Macintyre 3 hónapja
my name is Jude
Why did there's unus annus Easter eggs
Everything 'Round With Pablo!
Everything 'Round With Pablo! 3 hónapja
Can you please make a theory about the Catastrophe Crow Alternate Reality Game?
Tiffany Nguyen
Tiffany Nguyen 4 hónapja
Matpat is cacelled
Melody Fay
Melody Fay 4 hónapja
I saw this SO LATE
Sams _Pog
Sams _Pog 4 hónapja
Glad we can end this horrible year with this
Sai Sai
Sai Sai 4 hónapja
Unus annus
John Ennis
John Ennis 4 hónapja
It was great
Lemonadetv 4 hónapja
Lol youtube is rage quitting
Матвей Королев
Матвей Королев 4 hónapja
Я один русский?
Abraham Dp
Abraham Dp 4 hónapja
Esto es lo peor de HUpost
CYBERSE AI 4 hónapja
2020 is slowly but surely becoming good 1mil challenge,cave update,2000days in hardcore,and vaccine for covid
Yoshi1712 4 hónapja
Cave update is in 2021
Noon_Sunflower 4 hónapja
The HUpost community is amazing. 3M of the 1M we were trying to reach?! This is the best thing ever!
Braden Mangrum
Braden Mangrum 4 hónapja
Funy i had the donate to saint st jude w/mat pat.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 4 hónapja
Who’s here after the stream?
Vivan Volquardts
Vivan Volquardts 4 hónapja
Jerrmy in fanf is glitch trap
spider bon
spider bon 4 hónapja
O my gooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Fionnuala C
Fionnuala C 4 hónapja
Damn that is so cool that the goal was exceeded by 2 million dollars!!!
Reese train44
Reese train44 4 hónapja
so what is stopping him from become the CEO since he basically knows what he is doing
Fox Jack
Fox Jack 4 hónapja
I'm HUpost er
P.Mow 4 hónapja
Where was Rosanna? I was excited to see here but she wasn't on the show
P.Mow 4 hónapja
Anyone here after the stream?
British Dream
British Dream 4 hónapja
second unus annus lifetime hinting in this vid?????????? *insert pewdiepie hmmmmm meme here*
Speedy Duckling
Speedy Duckling 4 hónapja
$3M of 1M raised Lol this is great
Stickmation 4 hónapja
Ok my question is...why are people disliking?
Kat B
Kat B 4 hónapja
What happened to Rosanna? She wasn’t in the actual stream
Lona 4 hónapja
3,000,000 dollers
Michael Shelton
Michael Shelton 4 hónapja
It is so nice that you want to help all those people and i hope other youtubers can do the same
Tʜᴇ Fɴᴀғғᴀɴ UwO
Tʜᴇ Fɴᴀғғᴀɴ UwO 4 hónapja
when he said U҈n҈u҈s҈ i felt that feeling..
Queen Layli
Queen Layli 4 hónapja
why isn't alex meyers her though?!?!?
Running thoughts
Running thoughts 4 hónapja
Dude is that dream
ToasterTrash 4 hónapja
Mr. Active
Mr. Active 4 hónapja
Cant believe I saw dreams face
Maverick Baker
Maverick Baker 4 hónapja
Could someone answer my comments
Mario Ojeda aviles
Mario Ojeda aviles 4 hónapja
Just some Guy with no special traits
Just some Guy with no special traits 4 hónapja
Maverick Baker
Maverick Baker 4 hónapja
Maverick Baker
Maverick Baker 4 hónapja
Why did you have to stop it so fast
Mario Ojeda aviles
Mario Ojeda aviles 4 hónapja
Maverick Baker
Maverick Baker 4 hónapja
Woohoo mat pat
Mario Ojeda aviles
Mario Ojeda aviles 4 hónapja
skyrimgirllover lol
skyrimgirllover lol 4 hónapja
I saw almost the whole thing :D u are u best
The Cat Boss
The Cat Boss 4 hónapja
daniel prather
daniel prather 4 hónapja
User cobalt yetis comment.
HIBA REHMAN 4 hónapja
The fact that we raised 3 mil dollars it makes me so fcking happy
ifew fetrws
ifew fetrws 4 hónapja
Some1 Magget
Some1 Magget 4 hónapja
I just checked and 3mil.... Wow
fattah afkskisukaih
fattah afkskisukaih 4 hónapja
3M dollars, key
TheAmazingAnimations! 4 hónapja
MatPat:I really hope we can get 1 Million! Us:Best we can do is 3mil.
Mr potato
Mr potato 4 hónapja
Itsme_Ivycorn 3309
Itsme_Ivycorn 3309 4 hónapja
Mat, you and Steph are the most generous people ive met. You made 2 livestreams abt canceling cancer. You raised more than 1 million dollars for cures. You are generally the most blessed person ever. 11 years. From making a small theorist channel, To saving lives. Your kid is gonna be proud to say, "Thats my dad, Matthew Patrick." Thanks for everything.
Manuel Camarillo
Manuel Camarillo 4 hónapja
I cant believe I missed it
aka master of gaming
aka master of gaming 4 hónapja
I cant donate in my country im so sad
scarletspidernz 4 hónapja
The Game Theory $1,000,000 scratch that, The Game Theory 2020 $3,000,000 Challenge for St. Jude! Congratulations!!! Well done everyone who watched, donated and everyone who made it all possible!
Chris Lorin
Chris Lorin 4 hónapja
Congrats guys! You raised over 3 million USD! I'd say you guys beat your goal, but you guys blew it out of the water.
dan last name
dan last name 4 hónapja
Angler Animation
Angler Animation 4 hónapja
its funny how to have 3million dollars at the end of the stream 2 million more than they exepcted
TheIronCreeper 4 hónapja
Who’s here after the livestream?
Yaffin shah
Yaffin shah 4 hónapja
why would anyone dislike this this is something , great job on raising 3 million dollars
Goose mafia Spy
Goose mafia Spy 4 hónapja
bussydandruff1 4 hónapja
Watched the entire stream the whole way through , absolutely baffled and proud of the theorist community and sponsors and basically everyone for donations to 3x the goal , a lil sad the stream cut out right as mat pat was getting the haircut
Lelebattles 4 hónapja
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson 4 hónapja
Ta-Da! It's too bad there wasn't a timestamp schedule in the description.
Scarlett Gu
Scarlett Gu 4 hónapja
Matpat planned to raise 1 million, and ended up raising 3.1 million ❤️
Phantom Nyx
Phantom Nyx 4 hónapja
As of now on Tuesday we had raised over 3.15 Million dollars! Congratulations Mat!
Playlist King
Playlist King 4 hónapja
Just finished watching. $3,000,000 is no joke. Well done, MatPat. Now...what’s the plan for next year? Ha ha, jk...unless?
WillbOY 4 hónapja
im here after the livestream
bussydandruff1 4 hónapja
They cut out early :(
PokekidKanto YT
PokekidKanto YT 4 hónapja
You mean the $3,000,000 challenge, right?
Kian 4 hónapja
BlazetheGame 4 hónapja
He didn’t even mention the best youtuber alpharad lmao
Blookys 4 hónapja
ha im in the stream rn its about to end:)
Ekon Wolf
Ekon Wolf 4 hónapja
Does anyone know who the 3rd drawing is other than the odd ones out and person with ari
Lohilani Lamadrid
Lohilani Lamadrid 4 hónapja
But mrbeast is rich
ThatMuffinGuy539 4 hónapja
Sai 4 hónapja
So these youtubers spend hella money on themselves, for stupid challenges but when it comes to donating to charity, they need people to donate to them so they can donate?. I don't get it
new life
new life 4 hónapja
Among us huh..... #UNUSANNUSFORLIFE
Madline 55
Madline 55 4 hónapja
I’m looking at the donation thing while I’m watching the stream and, it’s off by a lot 58k? What about 2.3 mill just about?
hehe boi
hehe boi 4 hónapja
damn there's even 500+dislike. I guess they doesn't to help out ppl with cancer
Muhammad Jimmy Ramadhan
Muhammad Jimmy Ramadhan 4 hónapja
anddd uuuunnn crankgamplay 😂
Mayleenta Lukas
Mayleenta Lukas 4 hónapja
Wow I love games
Dallas Jones
Dallas Jones 4 hónapja
Un- CrankGamePlays Me: MatPat sus
Kyle Joseph
Kyle Joseph 4 hónapja
I am back from the stream, cuz i want to Thank Matpat for the fundraiser Remember me MatPat
No name
No name 4 hónapja
MatPat: Dream, Pokimane, and *Un* - Crankgameplays Me: You had to, didn't you!
Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez 4 hónapja
Help the poor kids :( 🙏🙏🙏🙏
TabahPlayz 4 hónapja
Hey you guys, do you know about COVID-19?
Young Midoriya
Young Midoriya 4 hónapja
TabahPlayz 4 hónapja
:That’sNotMe: 4 hónapja
It’s happening
Jacob4Hope 4 hónapja
I already donated, But where do I go to buy a shirt?
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