Game Theory: The Dark Future of the Dream SMP (Minecraft)

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Dream has made Minecraft history with his SMP, or Survival Multiplayer Server, with his Dream Team. It has captivated many and finally I'm here to show you EXACTLY what he's been up to and what I predict is the FUTURE of his SMP. You see, this is not some simple impromptu game between friends. No sir!. There are layers of story going on here and it's getting dark. Political battles, a fight for control, and a nemesis out to rule the world - and that is just the beginning!
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FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

DylanTube 5 órája
14:25 he also dided when quackity shot him when he joined pogtopia
DylanTube 5 órája
9:45 also pineapple2020 won 9% of the votes
Corfex 7 órája
Bailey Dunkerley
Bailey Dunkerley 11 órája
sing with me - my lamanburg my lamanburg-
Maria Bowers
Maria Bowers 15 órája
Kyle Szafranski
Kyle Szafranski Napja
Do this again
BucketHead Napja
Technically this has been proven wrong as l,manberg got destroyed by 50 withers and chunk errors. unless jschlatt somehow becomes the president of snowchester but so far snowchester hasnt ha dmuch lore other than the nukes
CJ Napja
Coming back to this months later after Schlatts semi return via Quackity's lore stream a few weeks back, honestly MatPat wasn't too far off. Only difference now is that Quackity doesn't really want to revive Schlatt and likely never will (completely by himself at least). Schlatt currently does have a plan to bring himself back to life because Quackity needs the revive book for his own personal gain (Las Nevadas and whatever he's gonna be doing over there). I find it hilarious MatPat was only a few months off and if you draw the parallels to current lore I think this theory might actually become a bit truer than we expected in the coming weeks-months. Though this all depends on which direction Quackity wants to go with his story.
Tronnex Napja
I think quackity lost the bet and that’s why quackity the books for the deal with schlatt he did say he was a lucky guy
Dizzy A.
Dizzy A. Napja
not quackity bringing this theory to justice 4 months later-
sophia roppa
sophia roppa Napja
Ahh yes, my favorite things, game theory, minecraft, dream smp and chaos
Colin Leal
Colin Leal Napja
Hi guys
sophia valentina sean dior
sophia valentina sean dior Napja
well its not wrong schaltt is getting revive
Sushikaiju Napja
Nerdy Nugget
Nerdy Nugget 2 napja
Dream Sucks, Wilber Rules
Olina Liu
Olina Liu 2 napja
noooo wilnur nooo:(( omg tubbo why if i jion the sver and its not better I'm going to cry I wish there were peace on the smp
HydroKnight 2 napja
Cove 2 napja
pffft i like how coconut 2020 is just irrelevant XD
its_millie_lol 2 napja
you can literally make any dsmp fan cry by just showing the l'manburg flag tbh-
Cameron The Frog Boi
Cameron The Frog Boi 2 napja
jschlatt has lost all 3 lives, remember? techno's genocide, his heart attack, AND quackity killing him with a bow, that counts as a canon death.
Kev Diamond
Kev Diamond 3 napja
He is in jail, unless if it is drista then she is creative god. But isn’t drista technically Danny gondalez’s wife? Danny is dream
Smicc 2 napja
drista is dreams sister O_O Dream + Sister = Drister
curtiss sbdauntless
curtiss sbdauntless 3 napja
Jshlatt: And brudda, I hurt ppl AAH-BOINK Ima force a nature 15:35 BONK U were an opposing party in my country? You’d be freakin’ DEAD
Lol in season 3 its tommy Tommy is the hero in season 3
First name Last name
First name Last name 3 napja
I could not stop laughing in the first 15 seconds.
Joyce Parisi Spinelli
Joyce Parisi Spinelli 3 napja
Me looking back on the intro: :O
rasha fajri
rasha fajri 3 napja
Umm....? Matpat quakity killed jschlate and then he joined pogtopia sooo that means jschlate used all of his 3 cannon lives
rasha fajri
rasha fajri 3 napja
I mean quackity not quakity
DCdanger 3 napja
"Wait only two characters are dead" Ey man
Nathan Hillis
Nathan Hillis 3 napja
jschlatt is very funny
James Slattery
James Slattery 4 napja
Maybe try to make a theory on how Dream will escape the prison, or something about Technoblade, or something else. I just wanna see more of your theories on this topic. =D
Henry Davis
Henry Davis 4 napja
When you realize a election and politics are in Minecraft
Pigeon 4 napja
Yeah so this would have worked if shlatt actually cared about the server lol
Alexander Ph
Alexander Ph 4 napja
actually according to the wiki jschlatt lost all 3 lives Killed by Technoblade in the Manberg Festival on October 16, 2020, due to crossfire[6] Killed by Quackity on October 17, 2020[7] Heart attack during The Manberg vs Pogtopia War on November 16, 2020[
Rani Girish
Rani Girish 4 napja
1:22 "Smp stands for survival multiplayer server" S for the survival M for the multiplayer and S? for server
angel 4 napja
now look at quackity's streams...
Bonky 4 napja
dam that intro tho
Michael Afton
Michael Afton 5 napja
Game theory: jschlatt has 1 life left Quackity: am I a joke for you?
MIK DOGGO BOI778 5 napja
I didnt know it will take 100 hours to finish the dream smp ME: what is this long democracy :PUT*NG-INA:
Pure Freddy
Pure Freddy 5 napja
Selin Tozkoparan
Selin Tozkoparan 5 napja
What actually happened: BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOMMM
Golden Kingyo
Golden Kingyo 6 napja
The whole 3 cannon lives applies to everyone except certain people or certain death events. I believe Schlatt lost his last two or all three (if the rocket one didn’t count) were all taken Bebe died from a medical condition which would be a stroke/heart attack. Philza only gets 1 life because he lives/plays Minecraft hardcore so much. BBH ONYL looses a life is Skeppy looses a life, BBH is considered immortal as long as Skeppy is alive. DreamXD is a god, he can’t die. Friend is immortal too, just “respawns” randomly somewhere in the world. The whole cannon lives varies depending on the person.
-Gum under de table-
-Gum under de table- 6 napja
With quackitys deal with shlatt recently, this might actually become true
The most terrible worst completely garbage CHANNEL
The most terrible worst completely garbage CHANNEL 6 napja
Well actually, he came back and said, and I quote “Nope, I’m done. I canonically died, I dont wanna come back.”
Jayaseelan Sankaranarayanan
Jayaseelan Sankaranarayanan 6 napja
Look jshlat got bowed to death by quackity crackhead
icecweam_innit 7 napja
mat he allready use all his lives he got killed by quacity
Enchiwadas 7 napja
“The truth Is, The game was rigged from the start” is how I sum this up in a nutshell. Also a side note, I like how he talks about the most important parts and people who made history in the SMP And barely mentions Technoblade (I’m just a fan)
Rage 2000
Rage 2000 7 napja
So... dream made his own Karmaland?
Dream 7 napja
For those of you wondering why 45%+46% doesn't equal 100%, there was another unmentioned party called coconut2020, who tried to rig it by voting multiple times.
Goldon Rau
Goldon Rau 7 napja
This still hasnt been true. And schlatt didnt even log on for months, are they going to just wipe him out from the storyline
Harrison Farrow Deighton
Harrison Farrow Deighton 7 napja
I love the story
DaSleepyBee 7 napja
Zoeh the pirate
Zoeh the pirate 7 napja
if he never did this video i wouldnt be a fan of dream smp
Kara Lee
Kara Lee 8 napja
Well actually no, but actually yes, but actually no, but actually maybe.
Elliot Johnson
Elliot Johnson 8 napja
I don’t think he’ll be coming back again at this point, or at least not through the revive book. Dream wanted him gone in the end bcuz he wasn’t as chaotic as he wanted and was too weak.
Elliot Johnson
Elliot Johnson 8 napja
Hearing him say Wilbur suit is really funny. It’s the chimney shtuff...
melxdiq dooms
melxdiq dooms 8 napja
melxdiq dooms
melxdiq dooms 4 napja
*p o g*
Shreya Sanjay
Shreya Sanjay 7 napja
Austyn Bieber
Austyn Bieber 8 napja
“Everyone gets 3 canon deaths yes” Phil: T^T
Forest Fox
Forest Fox 8 napja
DoggoNotFound 8 napja
lmao the beginning made me laugh even though it was kinda sad
Hoop Doop
Hoop Doop 8 napja
Technibalde never dies baby
Mark Rages2
Mark Rages2 8 napja
14:32 hold up didn't quackity kill jshlatt once? I am certain that the death showing that quack was now on pogtopia's side is canon
The Magical Pengu
The Magical Pengu 8 napja
me when i see the video:oh my god its happening everebody stay calm
Kelsey Pospisil
Kelsey Pospisil 8 napja
matpat jschlatt has 1 more canoon life me you left out the time he got killed by quackity
Gacha Tiger
Gacha Tiger 8 napja
You have more subs than JOSHDUB?!!!!!
•Lea_ _Audrey•
•Lea_ _Audrey• 8 napja
TommyInnit?? What... K soo I uhh yeah...
The day hasn't come, Jschlatt is nothing but a relic in history to be gone forever. He may return, just that he hasn't yet.
jeff trump
jeff trump 9 napja
To to blueberry tv. There is a great recapped version of the entire smp.
Jonathon Aguinada
Jonathon Aguinada 9 napja
Am I the the only one who thought smp meant simp
nonameguy3 9 napja
Who else loves *Hamilton* ?
Gacha Gamer
Gacha Gamer 9 napja
Was I just told JShlatt was the main character- oh wait this video was made before "Dawn of the 16" (or the end of wilbur as I call it)
vegetable 12020
vegetable 12020 9 napja
Respect for how much swearing he sat trough to make this video
vegetable 12020
vegetable 12020 9 napja
U should try to figure out how the red egg controls people
Red Star
Red Star 9 napja
Annie Bananie
Annie Bananie 9 napja
Jschlatt did use up all 3 of his canon lives actually. 1. Killed by rocket launcher 2. Assassinated by Quackity at the white house 3. Heart attack
all hail kou
all hail kou 8 napja
im pretty sure wilbur himself said that the white house death didn’t count bc he forgot to write it in the script
Annie Bananie
Annie Bananie 9 napja
Im just pointing out that he said that jschlatt only used 2 canon lives. Only clearing things up
Bill Berblinger
Bill Berblinger 9 napja
I think everyone knows that now. But the dream smp is now on tecnoblade
Onions 10 napja
everyone now: haha ranboo go burr
luffy Da Turtle
luffy Da Turtle 10 napja
WAit erit
Jack B
Jack B 10 napja
Literally 3 days later L’manberg is L’mangone
Help Friends Services
Help Friends Services 10 napja
the good guys in the smp tubbo dream wilbur soot technoblade tommyinnit badboyhalo awesamedude antfrost philza charile quackity puffy punz jshlatt as a good guy
Help Friends Services
Help Friends Services 10 napja
swaggers or poggers lachlan himself said poggers so yes poggers win
Dana Gabriela G.G.
Dana Gabriela G.G. 10 napja
April 4th 2021 He was right
Ryan Pheasey
Ryan Pheasey 10 napja
Wilber Soot himself actually reacted to this video on a stream. He said that almost everything was perfect I forgot what he said was ever so slightly off but he said it’s all really good Also as a mcyt therpy level fan (lol 😂) I really enjoyed watching this ❤️
B 10 napja
Quackity’s lore stream is starting to prove matpat right...
• martixx. got. that •
• martixx. got. that • 10 napja
MatPat, please do a theory about Fundy’s las test lore. It was like a horror movie.
Marino José
Marino José 10 napja
Is their gonna be another chapter of this?
Crickshotted EXTRA
Crickshotted EXTRA 11 napja
Another Petscop?
Kike Sierra
Kike Sierra 11 napja
2 months later: this never happened
* Row *
* Row * 11 napja
I want him to try and predict George lore because that's a mess. His lore stream was just Quackity mooing the whole time.
deadpool gaming
deadpool gaming 11 napja
0:00 i heard there was a special place where man could go emancipaet in the brutality and tirany
Grace Begley
Grace Begley 11 napja
Everyone has three cannon lives.... Philza:♾ Jack Manifold:♾ Friend:♾ TOMMY BACK FROM THE DEAD:😀
Grace Begley
Grace Begley 2 napja
Dumbo Octopus
Dumbo Octopus 2 napja
Ranboo just got 40 totems of undying, so now he has 43 cannon lives.
Grace Begley
Grace Begley 9 napja
@Mr. Phantom 😎
Mr. Phantom
Mr. Phantom 9 napja
Phil only has 1, he talked abt it sometime and will wrote it that way cuz hes canonically old and plays hardcore alot
Gáspár Márk Török
Gáspár Márk Török 11 napja
Will you make a theory about the egg that Badboyhalo found? And about the egg's blood veins?
K T 8 napja
kukastelai 12 napja
Its wilbur soot not suit
Alex Gallegos
Alex Gallegos 12 napja
i love this
hydroculus 12 napja
"with self appointed dictator, uh president, Wilbur *sewt* "
vivi uu
vivi uu 12 napja
"Structured improv" ITS ROLEPLAY MATTPATT
Anti Matter
Anti Matter 12 napja
4:49 'hes already dea-' me: SHLATT BOI
JB Gamer
JB Gamer 12 napja
Im kool
CTimerRadiant 12 napja
Shade_the_Wolf 12 napja
I guess we forgot that Aphmau has been doing the same kind of Minecraft stories for years.
BirdWithHumanLimbs 13 napja
hey I made a minecraft world revolving around a story with a group of my friends before the dream SMP started. I guess if i had been recording the whole thing and throwing it on youtube i couldve been famous. Maybe i could record the second version.
robina david
robina david 13 napja
Tommy died Dream is in prison Tommy Saved The SMP ...
NOT zyro
NOT zyro 13 napja
You mean like world war but minecraft on dream SMP?
Rile rl
Rile rl 13 napja
Join dream smp
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