Game Theory: Spiderman's Next Villain Is NOT Who You Think! (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

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One of the major titles released to promote the PS5 was Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It is a sequel / DLC of the 2018 Spider-Man game - so of course, we have to cover it! Theorists, I think Marvel is using their games to test the waters for the MCU and I think Miles is giving us a hint to something BIG in it's next villain. No, I don't mean Green Goblin or Venom, I mean the SECRET villain that will be the big twist of the next Spider-Man game. That's right, ANOTHER big bad is about to enter the ring and I know who it is!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comic Drake
Comic Drake 3 hónapja
Honestly, I am very much on board with this. Very well researched. 👌
TLgaming 13 napja
Katlyn Courville
Katlyn Courville Hónapja
dunno if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!
Adrienne Newlands
Adrienne Newlands 3 hónapja
They should make it 2 player. Peter Parker and Miles morales
RK 490
RK 490 3 hónapja
i disagree, a lot of this is smart and well thought and researched i still feel like its a lil to farfetched and might be concidense. but there are a few clues that r true
Mung Seng Awng Zatau
Mung Seng Awng Zatau 7 órája
I think the spiderman 2 game will be peter parker fighting in sin cara while miles is taking care of harlem
e lol
e lol Napja
Hey Matt pat you forgot about Dr conners so the lizard is also gonna make an aperiance
e lol
e lol Napja
Or maybe not yet
rune uchiha What if’s and more
rune uchiha What if’s and more Napja
Theory Man vs Thanos The most epic fight of All, Thanos: I will get rid of half the universe for balance. Theory Man: Why do that when you can double the resources by doing that my theory is that everyone will make new things which will revert it back to now so why not make it a time set for every 100 years resources double but wait, there is… (1 year later) and that is what you should do Thanos: um no but it does sound smart so maybe. Thor: THANOS I NOW HAVE THE INFINITY HAMMER, HEAD BREAKER!!!
RedHood777 2 napja
So MVU confirmed
RedHood777 2 napja
Ugh. This is cringe
Valerie Troutman
Valerie Troutman 2 napja
the real question we should be asking is where is the actual purse
Bendy Cheese
Bendy Cheese 2 napja
spider-man vs the cup n tissue
Ventus Vanitas
Ventus Vanitas 4 napja
So true, people should read comics more often.
Dice Mace
Dice Mace 5 napja
Damn good intro
King Beatific
King Beatific 5 napja
I got a good theory the avengers tower was in the first spider-man game like let's say if some of them would appear in the spider-man 3 game they would join alongside with spider-man.
King Beatific
King Beatific 5 napja
it would have been better if the bombastic suit was in this video that's part of the first game.
Coby Greenlake
Coby Greenlake 5 napja
i love the nathan drake games
Zachary PLAYZ
Zachary PLAYZ 6 napja
Best vid ever
AlphaX101-GAMING 6 napja
Spiderman is my favorite marvel superhero. Doctor doom is my favorite marvel villian. Venom is my favorite spiderman rival. Oh my god. If this can come true it will probably be my favorite piece of both gaming and marvel leisure ever, seriously.
Caleb Reveles
Caleb Reveles 7 napja
In the end of Spiderman Miles Morales Osborne tells the scientist to release Harry Osborne. But the scientist was Curt Connor (AKA The Lizard).
first name last name
first name last name 8 napja
11:44 Who else thought that the blue silhouette was ridley from metroid?
Chris neo
Chris neo 9 napja
I feel like this theory has the best chance of being true. Did any theory be true? well if not who cares these videos are awesome
Allan and Christy Barnes
Allan and Christy Barnes 11 napja
How 'bout Houston for an open world map?
Monica Kabigting
Monica Kabigting 11 napja
Everybody gona gangsta until we get Netflix to give us a 3 season series of theory man
Max Linn
Max Linn 13 napja
Tbh I highly doubt Dr.Doom will be the in game... it makes sense for Vemon ( Harry and Eddie ) being the villain
SK7 13 napja
bro this is an amazing idea a marvel video game universe wow
Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson 14 napja
My remaining Sinister Seven team wishlist: Mysterio. Lizard. Kraven The Hunter. & Chameleon.
Gabby Koz
Gabby Koz 14 napja
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violence soldier
violence soldier 16 napja
The quaint beauty conversantly drag because airbus unintentionally excuse a a grotesque cereal. zonked, ethereal bean
Jared Churchill
Jared Churchill 18 napja
A few games later, they might introduce people like Scarlet Spider, Spider Gwen, and even Spider Ham, another chance for a spider-verse
Team Awesome
Team Awesome 19 napja
Avenger tower is in both games so this is a theory I'm really on board whith
Máximo Napoletano Serradilla
Máximo Napoletano Serradilla 19 napja
In the convention in the first game you can also find a few Easter eggs I’m pretty sure you can find the glider and a clocking device he could use
Ksi Olajidebt
Ksi Olajidebt 20 napja
Imagine they let us play as venom for a while, like they did in ultimate Spider-Man on ps2 🤭
Joe Cvetezar
Joe Cvetezar 20 napja
hay what if it not about parker what about venom
Jacob Stauffer
Jacob Stauffer 20 napja
What I'm hoping for Venom is Harry manages to escape and the symbiote would detach from Harry and attach itself to Peter so we could also have the black suit and then when he realizes the suit is nothing but bad. He removes it and then it could bond to none other than Eddie Brock since he is a canon character in the PS4 universe. It might be far fetched, but hey. Could be possible
Edo-Motion 20 napja
while spiderman fights the gobin and doom army miles takes on Veenommmmmm
SaiyanPlays 21 napja
Nathan 21 napja
I personally don’t like this idea, I feel like venom should have his own game. I think the venom symbiont has enough story for one game, Peter getting it, it messing with his life, suit takes revenge. And obviously they’ll change it a little bit but having something like goblins and doctor doom wouldn’t be good for that story. Maybe the game after because it’s not a bad idea. At least that’s how I feel
Sumi Swati
Sumi Swati 21 napja
When you realize insomniac has a concept idea for Doctor Doom
when ur country is on the screen 10:44 :)
Kurikara99 23 napja
the red goblin would also be a great villain
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez 23 napja
Matpat do you think the Spider-Man 3 game will come too ps4 too?
Kyell Verdonschot
Kyell Verdonschot 23 napja
There is also a reference to lizard because at the end of miles morales Harry hears Norman talk to Kurt Connors
Kyell Verdonschot
Kyell Verdonschot 23 napja
U forgot the the city that never sleeps dlc
Logan Hansen
Logan Hansen 24 napja
Not gonna lie I thought you were gonna be right on the nose but has everybody forgotten about the Superior Spider-Man storyline?
Danniel John Olaez
Danniel John Olaez 25 napja
6:57 That is a WEB BOMB stupid
Jonix 26 napja
Another thing to note is that during the last teaser in spider man miles morales, the doctor working on Harry is actually curt connors, so possibly another villain there
Spwoo 27 napja
Matpat: makes this video Insomniac: ah sh*t he’s on to us
Remy Helm
Remy Helm 27 napja
From seeing the final cutscene in Miles Morales, you see Kurt Conners. You also see some venom around. I think Venom or Lizard will be the next villan(s)
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith 28 napja
Michael Ferrell
Michael Ferrell 28 napja
I don't know marvel spider man 2 caud mix up the plot I don't think doctor doom will be the big bad of the next game
Jett Kindice
Jett Kindice 28 napja
also I think insomniac should just handle all of the marvel games from here
Jett Kindice
Jett Kindice 28 napja
Matpat I don't know if you'll see this but there's also even a fantastic 4 suit in the first game which would be another reference
Aditya Sivaram
Aditya Sivaram 28 napja
As for Venom's involvement, I'd propose it acts as an energy boost for the tired Spider-man. He's been fighting two VERY strong army factions, and he's 25. Dude needs to keep up, and that's where Venom comes in. Eventually the whole corruption process occurs, which I predict would turn into a Miles Morales scenario with Miles going after the evil Spider-man/Venom himself, and from there the story goes on, with the final boss being Venom
Jackson Hendrix
Jackson Hendrix 29 napja
I want this to be true so bad
Sky Guy
Sky Guy 29 napja
You forgot something that CONFIRMS that he fantastic four are in this universe let me tell you a story One day in 2020 I thought I will play spider man PS4 when I saw some new suits already unlock I looked though the suits are I found one called the bombastic bagman suit I think the suit is a paper bag with Spider-Man’s eyes drawn on and the rest of the suit is A FANTASTIC FOUR SUPER SUIT so you don’t need the bit of paper to know
Pepijn M.
Pepijn M. 29 napja
No matpat dont try to predict you know how that goes
Christian Agreda
Christian Agreda Hónapja
Have you met Tom Holland’s peter parker
Glyph Hónapja
He didn’t even mention Norman forcing Curt Conners to take Harry out, and we know Curt is the notorious Lizard
Nikola Kovačević
Nikola Kovačević Hónapja
корона не постоји
Clementine Elsie
Clementine Elsie Hónapja
Yuri could be the next villain, bc in the dlc of the first spider man, she killed someone and told spider man to try to stop her. And in the comics Yuri is a villain. I don't remember what is her villain name tho :/
Shigeru Stavnshoj
Shigeru Stavnshoj Hónapja
I'm been here since the first ever episode
Giselle Mirasol
Giselle Mirasol Hónapja
why electro looks like miles electric
Paulina Elinore
Paulina Elinore Hónapja
The dull difference desirably confess because dance pathomorphologically reject as a complex alligator. shallow, pumped stage
wolf man
wolf man Hónapja
Matpat how dear you be that rud to venom
marlena matahlija
marlena matahlija Hónapja
Dis makes a lot sens because in the 1. game there is Sabel ho are high tech 2. there is Roxxon ho are high tech and dr.dooms army is high tech
GreenNinja Hónapja
I Love Spider-Man so this is cool that he predicts the ‘3’ Spider-Man game because Spider-Man miles morales
maac angulo
maac angulo Hónapja
Dammmm Doom is a Big Peace and one of my favorites
thespicest Memelord
thespicest Memelord Hónapja
IF this happens I feel like after defeating venom he will team up with spidermang
mm mm
mm mm Hónapja
Poor girl in the intro. "theory man" should like say a theory that actually help the woman, and the day wasn't saved.
So goruto 874
So goruto 874 Hónapja
I like it, but maybe in the venom thing of being alone woldnt be correct because look at web of shadows Sorry for by bad inglish
Nick Fierro
Nick Fierro Hónapja
Wait never mind
Nick Fierro
Nick Fierro Hónapja
Just making this video is going to make sony not put Dr. doom as the big villain
Gabby Koz
Gabby Koz Hónapja
The six bow booly look because paint largely alert than a slimy thermometer. dizzy, nine letter
Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz Hónapja
Mapa de Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy's foxy Kimberly
DTRAIN X Hónapja
Kaden Stan
Kaden Stan Hónapja
What about Yuri/wraith
XxNightHood XX
XxNightHood XX Hónapja
I’m definitely on board with this Consider that Spider-Man Ps4 is Earth-1048 which They would also have they’re own universe of hero’s and villains lol so yeah this is gonna insane if they do that...
Funtime Foxy Gaming
Funtime Foxy Gaming Hónapja
10:00 you forgot about how newform was like devil’s breath in the first game
Im-The-Good-Guy Hónapja
Venom is like taskmaster
Malachi Cleary
Malachi Cleary Hónapja
First attempt at cross over Ultimate alliance: Am I a joke to you?
Cody Alana Ross
Cody Alana Ross Hónapja
Anyone else get incredibly annoyed when people say Dr Octopus instead of Ocktavius? Like no just no
hassan anwar
hassan anwar Hónapja
Game theory: Harry is Venom and Green Goblin
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Hónapja
Video: *Dubai - UAE* Me: *how do you know where I am-*
Rafael Dubon
Rafael Dubon Hónapja
I was gonna like the video but when I saw among us in it I was nah 12:04
Kangabird Hónapja
Bruh Simon Krieger straight looks like Agent Jonesy from Fortnite.
NintendoMac10 Hónapja
I'm sorry, but it's laughable to think that Miles Morales will ever become the definitive Spider-Man. He's fine, but Peter will always be way ahead of him.
Rhys P
Rhys P Hónapja
my favorite audio book is... The Island (Black Jack)
Eiffel Lainez
Eiffel Lainez Hónapja
Love the theory but they also heavily set up Wraith in the DLC.
NITROGEN firecan 2.0 plays
NITROGEN firecan 2.0 plays Hónapja
the guy from fortnite is the villan
archiel magallanes
archiel magallanes Hónapja
Green goblin and venom would be a side mission and doctordoom would be a main mission probably
OK KO Portland
OK KO Portland Hónapja
Yo I think your right.
BoltBoy42 Hónapja
Anyone else remember that Roxxon was an oil company in Iron Man 3?
Alice Tulia
Alice Tulia Hónapja
This ain't a GAME THEORY
steve Jones
steve Jones Hónapja
what if venom is like the taskmaster
kori Hónapja
curt connors in the post credits scene: "and i took offense to that."
Caden Cook
Caden Cook Hónapja
Fun fact there is a spider-man TV show where Norman Osborn is the green goblin and Harry Osborn is venom
Enderblade Hónapja
Ahhhhhhhhhhh you see, unagi
C Wooo
C Wooo Hónapja
You forget about Kurt Connors. Who is seeing with Norman in the after credits of Miles Morales he might be a side villain
Theory man strikes agean.
MarioxZelda Gamer
MarioxZelda Gamer Hónapja
May I add isn't it weird that one of the suits Peter Parker's Spiderman can acquire is a Fantastic Four suit with a Bag on its head. Funny sure, but in this context it's an odd coincidence
Cazter Hónapja
That cover of Spidey 2 is ridiculous!
Prajin Nirmal
Prajin Nirmal Hónapja
i think the next villain is jackal
REIGN Hónapja
But Sony doesn't have access to the Ff, I think.........
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