Game Theory: Did Dream FAKE His Speedrun? A Final Analysis.

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There has been a controversy brewing on the Minecraft side of HUpost centered around well known Minecraft creator Dream. He's been accused of faking his speedrun and it has caused a lot of stir. I'm not here to point fingers or accuse anyone. What I'm doing today, Theorists, is going over the facts of this situation and why it is a lot more complicated than people are making it out to be.
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

ゴParadoxゴ Perce
4:07 it's extremely fascinating to me but yeah nobody can seem to explain it in a easy to understand fun way
Kaden Tahir
Kaden Tahir 24 perccel
Thanks for not answering the question.
No One
No One Órája
Ennard:WHERE ARE MY BUTTERS!?!? Mat:At 16:46 In My "Did Dream FAKE his Speed Run Ennard:IM COMING MY BABIES
Wouter Fransen
Wouter Fransen 2 órája
Moral of this situation: if you believe in maths, Dream cheated. If you believe in Dream, he didn't... btw , "latex", as in the program, is pronounced like "latech"
spooky! 3 órája
you didn't answer the question
Josh Gian YT
Josh Gian YT 5 órája
3:40 if you know this background It proves you have a gamer sister -side note that's cooking mama background if I'm not wrong
Cat Soup
Cat Soup 7 órája
Lynette DeInnocentis
Lynette DeInnocentis 7 órája
It is more likely to flip a coin 100 times and land it 60 times since there's more of a chance to land it.
Melissa Stanley
Melissa Stanley 8 órája
100 time 60 odds are 60 40
K. Fuji'
K. Fuji' 8 órája
oh damn, i'm just catching up on the Dream run now
Hyper Graffiti
Hyper Graffiti 9 órája
For anyone that didn't notice if you look into his shopping basket in the intro he has 2 cereals, fruit loops and apple jacks. this teases toward a food theory episode he did.
FooFoo 11 órája
This channel is the true example why school's method of teaching is insanely wrong completely unfair and idiotic and a big waste of time
Pael I Pädi
Pael I Pädi 4 órája
What ?
Mear Ydes Bacalzo
Mear Ydes Bacalzo 12 órája
all the dream stans looking at this
Ameen TR
Ameen TR 14 órája
Matpat: did dream cheat? Also matpat: but guys bunny bridging!!!!!!
nikebobo nikebobo
nikebobo nikebobo 15 órája
Lol dum i want to see you play minecraft noob yt
excellentluigibro's 11 órája
Flint Impact studios
Flint Impact studios 15 órája
If you modify the game it is the same as getting normal luck if it can happen its not really cheating
Pael I Pädi
Pael I Pädi 3 órája
@Flint Impact studios he got removed, or tell me where he is? :)
Flint Impact studios
Flint Impact studios 4 órája
@Pael I Pädi in the video it said he was on 1.14 XD
Pael I Pädi
Pael I Pädi 4 órája
@Flint Impact studios No hes not and never will be again :)
Flint Impact studios
Flint Impact studios 7 órája
@mystery man random generation modifying the odds of randomness dream is not gambling though he doesn't really gain anything he is already on the leader board
mystery man
mystery man 9 órája
Modifying the game is literally called cheating, child.
Anarchist Author
Anarchist Author 16 órája
Also, the fact that MatPat acknowledges the methods he used to prove the "Mario is Mental" theory and basically admitting that he had to ignore evidence that contradicted his conclusion, but then he said that he believed it like it was true sends so many confusing messages. If he just wanted to tell a story of Mario being a villain, then he shouldn't make it in a theory video that could be taken as true. Just make a series of storytelling videos that don't require any research or backing.
Anarchist Author
Anarchist Author 16 órája
Funny how MatPat left a link for people to play Minecraft but left no links to either of the research papers for the controversy.
Ivan Miguel
Ivan Miguel 17 órája
nice blaze rod drop rate right there
Heng Hong Se
Heng Hong Se 18 órája
I saw Mr beast lol
Mary Sofocleous
Mary Sofocleous 19 órája
i think flipping a coin a hundred times, and getting heads 60 or more times
Rowan Headington
Rowan Headington 21 órája
It would be 100 coin flips and 60+. Because technically it is less the 10 and 7.
Minecraft Blocky Chris
Minecraft Blocky Chris 22 órája
i think this one is too big brain for me
McMuffin 22 órája
Hey matpat can I borrow the keys to go to the store? Matpat: Well, here’s the thing.....
This means that... AD BEGINS The body had been...
The Strangler
The Strangler 23 órája
To anybody saying that Matt doesn't fully understand/he is in the wrong, make a better video, I'll wait. The answer is also a yes, for anybody who can't tell
Peter Bandy
Peter Bandy 23 órája
How to tell a mathematician from a normal person: ask them to pronounce LaTex
animeweeb101 23 órája
10 times and getting 7+ heads
matthew Napja
it occurred to me as a runescape player that none of these calculations accounted for our lord and savior, rngesus. To deny the reality of something more apparent than gravity itself is grounds for the driest of streaks
Toyhos Napja
Little Mo
Little Mo Napja
I love SO MUCH that he put an image of a boy scout in class A doing the scout sign when he said "integrity" i makes me happy to be in scouts.
Tresten Burgans
Tresten Burgans Napja
Oh I thought you meant the latex gloves in alrgec to latex
Darian Soriano
Darian Soriano Napja
I dare you to speedrun one of your gamem theories
Kayden Herring
Kayden Herring Napja
the answer is equally
Charlie Maltzahn
Charlie Maltzahn Napja
You can get it if you’re lucky
Charlie Maltzahn
Charlie Maltzahn Napja
Dream is a very lucky man
THEminecrafter E
THEminecrafter E Napja
It's fake. Get over it
Skeletal Napja
I’m still waiting for the conclusion. One month later.
Skeletal Napja
this is last year’s drama, mat
Angelxvxlol Napja
fliping a 10 time coin at least 7 times thats mine
Wish ish
Wish ish Napja
sorry to break it to ya buddy but uhh.... i found this on the youtube recommended tab...
MikayelPlays YT
MikayelPlays YT Napja
Pael I Pädi
Pael I Pädi 4 órája
Still a cheater
The Mar
The Mar 19 órája
when did he do 15 mins wtf?
AlekDaGamer Napja
Flipping a coin 100 times and getting 60 heads
PaulRk11 good
PaulRk11 good Napja
Conclusion he cheated
Diane Heartbeat
Diane Heartbeat Napja
He Cheated and is a fraud and this video makes me sick
Familia Sdrobiș
Familia Sdrobiș Napja
Familia Sdrobiș
Familia Sdrobiș Napja
Vampire Fnaf
Vampire Fnaf Napja
There isn't even 32 minutes
_Mannex_ Napja
Can matpat do a theory with technoblade?
mcdonalds client
mcdonalds client Napja
no tf
Some Random Boi
Some Random Boi Napja
Maybe I'm just awfully wrong, but here's my takeaway on this video: When this came out, people kept complaining about how MatPat didn't give an answer, but truthfully, I don't think he should have, because it doesn't matter. While this is what the title suggests, his video isn't really about that, from what I understand: he was simply trying to bring in a larger audience to listen to an issue that's really affecting Minecraft speedrunning. While MatPat goes over what happened in the cheating scandal, the main takeaway I got is that Minecraft's speedruns are vastly different from other games' speedruns because of its randomly generated terrain and other aspects, and thus we can't make a proper leaderboard based on skill like with other games. There are too many luck factors involved, and they can easily be manipulated. I'm not saying there is no skill involved in Minecraft speedrunning, I'm simply saying luck seems to influence the results by a lot. A method needs to be found to prevent luck from being the most important factor.
Gaspard Martin
Gaspard Martin Napja
Well, almost all speedruns have a big part of luck in them, it has become more about the consistency of the runner until they achieve good luck. This is true for most games and minecraft is not that much of an outlier. Pokemon speedruns have many more random elements that affect the run than minecraft for example. I think a lot of people dislike this video because: 1- It's clickbait (a final analysis, really?) 2- he doesn't bring any interesting knowledge about stats (watch stand-up math's video on the topic) 3-We can be certain dream played on a modified version of the game thanks to the base odds everyone (even dream) agrees on 4- he talks about minecraft not deserving leaderboards because of too much randomness without having much knowledge about speedruns (a lot of speedruns have huge luck elements) ie. if people think having a leaderboard is fun who are you to tell them they shouldn't ? These are my thoughts on the vid.
GeorgeTDM Napja
this is just a waste of time i didnt expect this from you of all people smh for a real analysis, go watch karl job's video
FYI: Second option
david ludwig
david ludwig 2 napja
Hey, coward. Just say he cheated.
Isaac Frand
Isaac Frand 2 napja
i love the custom splash text at the beginning
Kara Zor-El
Kara Zor-El 2 napja
WAIT!!!! Did this video tell me to skip the intro.... at the END of the intro? lol :)
Yoshi 2 napja
fr wasted my time in this and even barely getting the answer
Am I the only one who will point out Dream is not in first place?
mystery man
mystery man 9 órája
It's still cheating. Like ppl practise for entire days just to get their run there. It doesn't matter what placement he has weather it was first or 10th it was a placement he didn't deserve.
Vampire Fnaf
Vampire Fnaf Napja
Matpat pointed that out
jackson perez
jackson perez 2 napja
This is a poor video and anyone who doesn’t speedrun doesn’t get it
Vampire Fnaf
Vampire Fnaf Napja
Then how do you get it?
Geelar 2 napja
For those that want a more definitive answer lookup a video by Stand up math; He has a proper conclusion based on his analysis.
Super Evan Almighty
Super Evan Almighty 2 napja
0:56 me when I hear matpat talk about science
ghs aretz
ghs aretz 2 napja
the 10 times
Deodath Mansook
Deodath Mansook 2 napja
where nano seconds
BassAnthem 2 napja
So in conclusion you say if “in speculation” he didn’t cheat you would never know, and if he did it would not be a fair point to down him on?
Jeff wei
Jeff wei 2 napja
Does it matter if he cheated, he will still get money and he will still have other interesting vids
Vampire Fnaf
Vampire Fnaf Napja
Yes because he still tried to cheat the speedrunning community also it changes his credibility if he cheated or not
Diane Heartbeat
Diane Heartbeat Napja
Videos that are scripted
Ketan Srivastava
Ketan Srivastava 2 napja
Here is a simple conclusion : The answer is unclear. Dream was getting the ender pearls at a slightly higher rate but it cannot be the only variable to be considered in the speedrun. Minecraft has a lot of different variables that affect the speedrun. The official verdict only considers ONE didn't acknowledge the others. So, we can account for sampling bias. But the point Mat is trying to make is that Minecraft is a game which is also contingent on LUCK. As there are a lot of variables in the picture, it would cause a lot of variation in the time for the speedruns. Hence, there is not too much sense for Minecraft to have a speedrun board. Edit : Some people are going crazy over an OPINION. Just stfu
Literally Bread
Literally Bread 16 órája
It’s not sampling bias to look at the ender pearl drop rates because they were massively higher than the average.
Ketan Srivastava
Ketan Srivastava 21 órája
@mcdonalds client bro I just stated an opinion
Ketan Srivastava
Ketan Srivastava 22 órája
@THEminecrafter E I’m just giving an opinion.
THEminecrafter E
THEminecrafter E Napja
Simple conclusion: he did cheat. Stfu
mcdonalds client
mcdonalds client Napja
yeah let me just ignore all the debunks of dream not cheating and all the math bc im 100% correct and not an idiot
golden_edit_gamer 2 napja
i have now realised matt is smarter than a teacher
mcdonalds client
mcdonalds client Napja
if you payed even a little bit of attention in clas youd be as smart as him lmao
Jake Miller
Jake Miller 2 napja
dont clickbait the title like that, com'on mat
uchka uchral
uchka uchral 2 napja
dream cheated watch karl jabost’s video
Riley AF
Riley AF 2 napja
Piglord 3 napja
9:50 geettttt dunkeddd onnnnn. Ut ref
Dustin Long
Dustin Long 3 napja
You literally didn't give any detail at all. It seems like you glanced at both reports and took them at their word. Statistically, Dream cheated. Even accounting for bias, it was near impossible.
Magdalena Galindo
Magdalena Galindo 3 napja
1or2 3% of your followers are kids
Pael I Pädi
Pael I Pädi 4 órája
It sound like you are a Kid
trudie schulz
trudie schulz 3 napja
At 10:13 there is a Freddy plush
Ben Huang
Ben Huang 3 napja
Flipping the coin ten times one
leah mcalister
leah mcalister 3 napja
You're a boy so shut up
FlexMesh 2 napja
And your a kid shut up
TheDimensionist 3 napja
For everyone who is asking for an answer, the answer is yes.
Tristen Ellis
Tristen Ellis 3 napja
Twan Luijten
Twan Luijten 3 napja
appreciate the LaTeX
Durban Shisanyama
Durban Shisanyama 3 napja
MrBeast buying everything in the background. 😂
M Rose
M Rose 3 napja
Skip this video and search karl jobst dream. You're welcome.
Among sus Playz
Among sus Playz 3 napja
Matpat was going full Ein Stein on robert
MUSTAFA XD 3 napja
there is another channel name The game theory ._.
Kereem Mohammed
Kereem Mohammed 3 napja
Robert : I am a scientist . Matpat: I am a HUpostr. Robert : ok . Matpat : says all the 300 iq math laws . Robert : mind blown and eyes shattered
Peter Bandy
Peter Bandy 23 órája
As a sort-of mathematician (undergrad degree) I can confirm that unless they specialize in that stuff, most other mathematicians’ eyes would also start to glaze over at that point 😂😂😂
Zachary Prinzbach
Zachary Prinzbach 3 napja
That’s not how you pronounce latex (Knuth wanted lah-teck where the x is a Greek chi) but who cares Ily Matpat
NeonMCPE 4 napja
“You won’t understand” Me: people say impossible. dream says slightly not that impossible.
Adam Young
Adam Young 4 napja
Who is Dream.
Jack and Alli
Jack and Alli 4 napja
Shreyas Bhat
Shreyas Bhat 4 napja
Just wanted to say, its pronounced Latek...
YoShA 4 napja
XxCorrupted_MangosxX 4 napja
Can we just stop to appreciate how much time and effort this man puts into his videos, and he uploads so often
Vanessa Katrina Omac
Vanessa Katrina Omac Napja
@Elijah Fontenot He did but he just didn't say it as Yes and No. And he is pointing out as Yes
XxCorrupted_MangosxX Napja
@Sigma Q I agree with you, but the point I was trying to make in this comment is that he puts a lot of time and effort in his videos, including this one. He might have not have given a straightforward answer but it is possible that he wanted the viewer to come up with his own answer, he said in the video that there is no possible way to figure out if it was fake, I don’t think he was trying to avoid it but simply that he couldn’t figure it out. You can’t blame him either, he is a human being as well and this topic is very confusing. So in this comment I was simply trying to give the benefit of the doubt to him to try and stick up from all the other comments, I just plainly wanted to give him credit for all the time he devotes into his video.
Sigma Q
Sigma Q 2 napja
@XxCorrupted_MangosxX look I like mat too and he definitely puts in a ton of work, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get criticized for a bad product. This video is clickbait plain and simple, he dances around the topic and puts dreams face front and center with the text was it fake taking up an equal amount of space in the thumbnail. Hell the answer he did give that wasn’t wether dream cheated or not was just scapegoating the concept of speed running Minecraft, something he has no right talking about as he doesn’t have a say in what people want to do with the game. Even the race idea was already a concept, wether it’s official or not I can’t say as I haven’t been keeping up. You can’t even say the research is entirely from him as a lot of stats came from other channels that talked about this all more thoroughly and gracefully without being on either side. What dream should’ve done in the first place was just do another category of speed running that I know for a fact exist, but everyone took the current situation to far. dream was being petty as hell when allegations on cheating were being accused of him, the mods while probably being right in the end likely sent the allegations for the wrong reasons, and especially the community who straight up turned the whole situation into a war. But back on topic, this video was released well after the full brunt was over and dream was announced guilty. So the way I see it mat was probably keeping up to date with the situation, as he and dream previously collaborated. He saw the end and started putting together this mess, the reason for it being well after was to avoid backlash of the dream supporters and posted it with the thought of quick bucks in his mind. Thus creating another number to the pile of horrible theories if you can even call this video one, to rot.
XxCorrupted_MangosxX 2 napja
He might have not answered but that doesn’t take away from the fact he spent a lot of time on this video, analyzing everything in dreams speedrun. But if you look at what I said it says “videos”, meaning I’m not talking about just this video, he spends a lot of time on all his videos
Elijah Fontenot
Elijah Fontenot 2 napja
He didn't even an answer
Bashful Bug
Bashful Bug 4 napja
7 in 10 times
Datsany Vutthikrai
Datsany Vutthikrai 4 napja
Can talking so fast sounding smart so we believe that he's right
Datsany Vutthikrai
Datsany Vutthikrai 4 napja
He is actually smart though
Legendary Hunter
Legendary Hunter 4 napja
I am kinda late here but a Minecraft world will have the same barter rails regardless I don’t know if that is true
Megamiᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ 4 napja
We should have teachers like you , using game to show how things work in real life and how it doesn't work in which will give student excited to learn so the can tell there friends something cool with can improve them actually learning as a 12 year old I really don't pay much attention in class most of the stuff I know is from game theory which is concerning*ps your doing a great job game theory*
Reaper 123
Reaper 123 4 napja
ikr, i'm 13 and i pass my science tests because of shows online that actually are interesting
Shiwoo Sung
Shiwoo Sung 4 napja
Bruh, matpat just saw the evidence, and knowing he cheated at the speedrun, decided "yea, he cheated, but he's my friend... you know, they can't accuse him of cheating at the minecraft speedrun, if there weren't minecraft speedruns."
Shiwoo Sung
Shiwoo Sung 4 napja
Can I just say, the quantum astro biologisticle nuclear particle physisist Dream hired wasn't only wrong, but the website he supposedly got him from is a website about job applications.
Vampire Fnaf
Vampire Fnaf Napja
The guy admitted to knowing nother about minecraft
Reaper 123
Reaper 123 4 napja
Rehaan _BPlayz
Rehaan _BPlayz 4 napja
if the dream army arises your channel is under the ocean
Dbd Killer main
Dbd Killer main 4 napja
Bill nye wrote that he is not cheating
TSS_gameer Yeet
TSS_gameer Yeet 4 napja
M halfway though primary school and this channel has actually taught me something for school with the main video being the dissection of Kirby teaching me about cells when I was really struggling to learn cell division so this channel did help me. Thanks
Justin Perez
Justin Perez 4 napja
The protective son mathematically spot because michelle inevitably repair since a fluttering pickle. unsightly, merciful dashboard
Rubi Xu
Rubi Xu 5 napja
Wait so all this over Minecraft? 🙃
jon bones
jon bones 5 napja
poor dream.......................
starkiller x20
starkiller x20 3 napja
its quite obvious he's cheating, i dont feel bad for people calling him out for it
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