The Game Theory $1,000,000 Challenge for St. Jude! ft. MrBeast, Markiplier, Dream, Pokimane, & more!

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The Game Theorists

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We are so excited to be hosting our 2nd livestream in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®. Last year you helped us raise over $1.3 MILLION dollars, helping to advance treatments & cures for childhood cancer & other life-threatening diseases and ensuring no family receives a bill from St. Jude for anything.. We know our community can do it again... & more!

YOU CAN HELP NOW by clicking the donate button & giving towards our $1,000,000 goal. We’ll get there with YOUR help! 100% of EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE goes to treating children & helping defeat cancer once & for all!
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The Mission of St. Jude:
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80% since it opened more than 50 years ago. And families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food-because all they should worry about is helping their child live. Join us in our lifesaving mission: Finding cures. Saving children.®
It's an honor to support the St. Jude mission with the help of the Theorist Community today.
For more information on St. Jude and the work they do, visit their official website. ►
And visit their official channel! ►

Thank you to all of our sponsors & donors for giving to such a great cause & helping us put on this challenge!
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Setsuko 2 napja
Malak Epic
Malak Epic 4 napja
Carter Milam
Carter Milam 4 napja
wait does dream finnaly show his face on this!
Evelynn Tran
Evelynn Tran 5 napja
what is wrong with the 5k ppl who disliked
Hooks Fishing
Hooks Fishing 5 napja
the best stream i ever took apart of 😁
Daniel Tigas
Daniel Tigas 6 napja
Bruh someone time stamped a bunch of highlights throughout the video and now I can't find it
Nancy's Notes Online Piano Lessons
Nancy's Notes Online Piano Lessons 7 napja
You are good people
Team EKSO 7 napja
I did a thing is the name of a youtube channel
PRESTONTUBE101 7 napja
Crystal Todoroki
Crystal Todoroki 8 napja
The hands on the sticks tho😂😂
aditya narula
aditya narula 8 napja
The best and most kindest live stream ever I watched
Takoda Fitch
Takoda Fitch 10 napja
Muhammad Anwar
Muhammad Anwar 10 napja
Finally found this vid ❤️ it
Kyle Lin
Kyle Lin 11 napja
A piece of advice: Just because you don't like a youtube that appeared on this stream doesn't mean you should dislike the vid if you don't like the content. And it's basically saying "F U" to all those kids with cancer.
WolfMasterGaming H.D.
WolfMasterGaming H.D. 11 napja
John White
John White 12 napja
I wish I was here live so I could give money for st Jude and maybe a phone
Super Loganzo
Super Loganzo 12 napja
omg wizards of the coast donated yay mtg!!!!
blurr comments
blurr comments 13 napja
this is the best thing ive ever seen
Jude Saunders
Jude Saunders 13 napja
pls stop giving me a showt out
Duke Popaj
Duke Popaj 14 napja
i saw the time it’s 10 hours
E N V O X A 15 napja
I haven't watched GTlive in a really long time because their response to the black lives matter movement (on Twitter at least) was pretty much non-existent, and over the last few years it's become extremely important to me to watch people that I know are treating people like me and my friends with respect and taking human rights issues seriously. I heard someone say that they mentioned it at some point in this live stream and talked about it, but it's a huge stream and from what I can see nobody has time stamped it, so I was wondering if anyone can point me to when they talked about it?
E M 16 napja
The Jake from State Farm Phone is my favorite gag of Game Theory History.
Gamer Atticus
Gamer Atticus 18 napja
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro 18 napja
Boss rush mode yay
H 418
H 418 18 napja
whoever disliked this stream must of been the most horrible human beings
the little popcorn dude
the little popcorn dude 18 napja
I dedicated this whole stream to my day even in school but totally worth it
Lawrence Schultz
Lawrence Schultz 19 napja
The people who disliked are probably either people who 1) Are from "cancel culture" or 2) Are real stupid. 😑😡😧
Elisa Nayoka
Elisa Nayoka 20 napja
Who else here is late for the chat :)
david king
david king 20 napja
david king
david king 20 napja
david king
david king 20 napja
julia's channel
julia's channel 23 napja
2:17:00 The fact that arin guessed sonic correctly with just a squiggly line is my favorite thing ever
the Clock is ticking
the Clock is ticking 23 napja
Andrew went from drinking from a measuring cup to a straight up blender, epic
Chad Hill
Chad Hill 24 napja
Why did I miss this Why did HUpost not notify me
TheSilenced_ Nightngale
TheSilenced_ Nightngale 24 napja
Durham Black
Durham Black 25 napja
i could not watch this the day it was happening cus it was my birthday and i now know it happend
- 3lectr1x -
- 3lectr1x - 26 napja
Who else watched the full 10 hours lmao
I Cannot Believe Pepole Tried To Cancel Him
HoneyJunkie 27 napja
Im so glad he did this
Madeline i like cats
Madeline i like cats 28 napja
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
7:24:42 the aftons donated! Guess there good ppl after all
ً Hónapja
Thegod300Jr Hónapja
Can’t believe I watched about 8hrs of the stream in the same day 3 months ago watching the remaining two rn
Umut Yeşilyurt
Umut Yeşilyurt Hónapja
Etraf kaliteli insan kaynıyor :)
Jesting Set789
Jesting Set789 Hónapja
Imagine disliking this
mr snobs
mr snobs Hónapja
im realy sry but i mist it cuz i had covid and i forgot :c
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
You can still watch it doe
A&E C&S Hónapja
I really hope that next stream they get someone like Michael Reeves on here. He would be so hilarious
Luna The Cat
Luna The Cat Hónapja
the vid so long i got ads every minute
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
What ? I didnt get a single ad
MozzarellaDoggo Hónapja
MozzarellaDoggo Hónapja
MozzarellaDoggo Hónapja
dtommasi1986 Gamer
dtommasi1986 Gamer Hónapja
Aj donated 100¥ chinese money
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
Aj where?
Jovia Mirembe
Jovia Mirembe Hónapja
i was waiting for mrbeast to donate 10million dollars and say ¨sorry its not much i give what i can¨
Lime Beans animation
Lime Beans animation Hónapja
3:55:00 everyone in their chairs and dreams pfp awkwardly chilling
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
Hes got that gamer focus
Faceless Hónapja
This is 10 HOURS LONG I applaud anyone capable of watching the whole thing through
Matpat: the goal is 1 million The beautiful community: *haha donates go brrrrrrrt*
War Robot Gaming
War Robot Gaming Hónapja
War Robot Gaming
War Robot Gaming Hónapja
bro I died at 2:07:30
Lorenzo Ferraro
Lorenzo Ferraro Hónapja
how could people dislike this?
Lorenzo Ferraro
Lorenzo Ferraro Hónapja
someone should try $19.87
CartoonCactiz Hónapja
Someone donated 1000 dollers insane
Unknown Hónapja
MatPat: Let's get $ 1,000,000 raised! Fans: 3, take it or leave it.
Playminaty Infinity
Playminaty Infinity Hónapja
10 hours finaly Finnish
The Alarm
The Alarm Hónapja
I can't believe almost all these comments are bloating how you've all raised 3M... It's a charity, not a competition, humans are so gross.
Freddy Stolz
Freddy Stolz Hónapja
@Normal Username with extra Generic right I just have some odd obsessive compulsion to correct really stupid people, despite it being unnecessary
Normal Username with extra Generic
Normal Username with extra Generic Hónapja
@Freddy Stolz they're a shithead off Twitter. They aren't here to support chairty, they just need to have something to be mad at
Freddy Stolz
Freddy Stolz Hónapja
It’s not boasting it’s being proud, and also we should have the right to boast about raising money for charity, it’s not like we’re boasting about beating someone so it makes them feel bad, it’s boasting because we saved some children
Detirm Hónapja
They dont know i started sans undertale
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
Frozenfire darknight
Frozenfire darknight Hónapja
MatPat: does a charity livestream against Cancer literally everyone: I'LL GIVE YOU MY ENTIRE STOCK
arianne Hónapja
Let’s be honest you clicked on this video because you saw your favorite HUpostr
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
Ciaran Turley
Ciaran Turley Hónapja
Those are some admirable mofos
General Donald Mordor
General Donald Mordor Hónapja
The dislikes are people who dint get to donate
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
I didnt dislike?
FireHusky Hónapja
nobel casue
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
FireHusky Hónapja
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
Rain Hónapja
9:40:10 grand finale
Mya Kershenski
Mya Kershenski Hónapja
Alexithymiaxx Hónapja
did anyone donate 19.83? or 19.87
Alexithymiaxx 12 napja
Nigel 12 napja
Was that the bite of 87?
Caiden Taveira
Caiden Taveira Hónapja
Their kid is smarter than me
Hans with ze Flammenwerfer
Hans with ze Flammenwerfer Hónapja
I'm sorry I couldn't be there, this was an amazing event!
Dizzle Hónapja
I hate how 5.2K people disliked a video of people saving 1,000,000$ for st judes
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
Millennium Spec
Millennium Spec Hónapja
Sooooo... Does Mark Rober pop up in the stream???
shawalsyamimi Hónapja
I thought dream is doing a face reavel
steven khoo
steven khoo Hónapja
BTW here is a remix of your intro song for game
steven khoo
steven khoo Hónapja
Game theory has improved my life. You guys are my idle.
TBT Snipez
TBT Snipez Hónapja
Matpat: up top down low too slow
Gawatchgawin Boi
Gawatchgawin Boi Hónapja
6:25:30 "sub to technoblade donated $4.2" LOL
Joshua Guevarra
Joshua Guevarra Hónapja
Ok be honest guys. Besides the fact that this whole thing is for St. Jude, who came here just to watch Toast be a big brain...
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
Nope i didnt know who he was
Shungite Hónapja
57:53 the mat behind the sluaghter
Who is gonna sit there for 10 hours whaching dis
goldranger2 Hónapja
You don't have to watch the entire thing in one go. Like, you could watch an hour a day for 10 days.
Karan playz
Karan playz Hónapja
bruhi can donet this streem sucks
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
TheLadyGagaSimp Hónapja
5.2 thousand people disliked a video about raising $1,000,000 for St. Jude's?
Gabs Yule
Gabs Yule Hónapja
I’ve heard that HUpost automatically puts automatic dislikes on videos with 1000+ views so they don’t have 100% like ratio.
Leo Grady
Leo Grady Hónapja
When matpats is in the middle of a robo haircut and the streams supposed to be 8-10 hours, and the stream has 3 mins left 😳☹️🥺😵 (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
ahmed alawdi
ahmed alawdi Hónapja
I’ve barely stayed 10 hours straight
Mr MeepMeeps
Mr MeepMeeps Hónapja
cant believe he got cancelled for while doing this
Mr MeepMeeps
Mr MeepMeeps 26 napja
@animated fun long story
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
Cecy Barba
Cecy Barba Hónapja
even tho i had sm fun during the live stream i tune out for an hour or so bc i legit hated the amung us segment, im sorry, #ToastDidntDeserveThat :(
Mr. Puggy
Mr. Puggy Hónapja
5.2k people didn't like raising money for cancer
Chase Hónapja
I love how she always cuts off MatPat
Skinnypete07 Hónapja
the among us game was poorly ran
animated fun
animated fun 29 napja
Fluwid_Cat 64
Fluwid_Cat 64 Hónapja
The most ambitious crossover 20+ HUpostrs 👌
Xxfuntime saphxX
Xxfuntime saphxX Hónapja
steph:serious mat: *lel*
Frafacifi Hónapja
6:29:21 reaching 2M dollars and Scott's donates
Agatemender3699 Hónapja
In my recommended
CoolDvids Gaming
CoolDvids Gaming Hónapja
Who dislikes this stream is selfish and does not care for others
Samuel Hussain
Samuel Hussain Hónapja
They stole $1.7 million
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