Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?

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I'm sure you've been playing a game or watching a video on your phone when suddenly it is interrupted with an add for a weird and fake looking mobile game. I've seen a lot of channels try out these games to see if they play as advertised, but they haven't covered what I find most interesting about these games. Are they LEGAL? False advertising is a dangerous game, Theorist, so why do these mobile games get away with it? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Levi Sutton
Levi Sutton 15 perccel
Neigwar 40 perccel
I remember annotations and messaging on youtube. One fake dude perfect channel tried to scam me through a message
Lenny Comments
Lenny Comments 41 perce
Anyone else thinking the intro was a RAID sponsorship
Tolkraft Órája
This is probably the most noble use of your platform I've ever seen. 10/10 thank you.
BJCMXY's Music Lists & Commentary
BJCMXY's Music Lists & Commentary Órája
that's why I don't play games on my phone...
Mushroom Maple
Mushroom Maple Órája
Yes. "Not all images represent the actual game", in probably the smallest footnote possible.
HYPERNova 2 órája
im only 14 and i remember annotations
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 3 órája
I have a six y/o brother that's barely learning how to play games on the phone and he downloads EVERY game he sees on an add because he thinks it's gonna be something different. So far i think he gave two phones (Both of my parents') viruses because of it so yeah, i think they should fix that.
dakota lee
dakota lee 3 órája
I just got an ad for helix jump, with gameplay on the side of a jump knife game even though at the end, it showed helix jump on the dudes phone
mc. cake
mc. cake 4 órája
Every doctor:keep social distant Bank robbers:fly's a drone with a gun
Darth Kenobi the wise
Darth Kenobi the wise 5 órája
Sometimes I wish I had HUpost Premium😐😐😐
Samuel Walker
Samuel Walker 5 órája
My Sister is 3 times as much. MY SISTER IS OVER LEVEL 3400
The Gaming Gecko
The Gaming Gecko 5 órája
at least the U.K had brain cells to stop the misleading ads
Ruth Miranda
Ruth Miranda 5 órája
my mom has been playing home scapes for a long time and she is level 3098
James Verhoff
James Verhoff 5 órája
There are two reasons convergent evolution occurs. First, because there are physical constraints--there are only so many ways to fly through the air, and fluid dynamics dictates that if you want to go fast in the water you need to have a certain shape. Second, because you're copying something else--the king milk snake looks a lot like a coral snake because doing so keeps the milk snake safe. A bit of both is likely going on here. Regarding the first, the type of user that's going to spend money on in-app purchases in a game like this is likely not a very broad segment of the population. There are likely key psychological aspects you can target. We're all familiar with Skinner Boxes, but it goes deeper than that. Second, these development companies are keeping an eye on each other. If I see that your app is doing well, I'm going to copy it--why waste my money when I can outsource my R&D to you? This means that the actual amount of R&D going into this stuff is likely much smaller than we would otherwise expect.
Khroniclas 5 órája
Thank god, finally someone addresses those issue. I have been wondering how this is legal for a LONG time now.
Hoenheimm 29
Hoenheimm 29 5 órája
They do bad ads intentionally. Kefir's Last Days on Earth and Frostborn have weird ads, but they're actually good games.
Anne de Marie
Anne de Marie 6 órája
If it is at the speed of my internet we wont see an add for the next 50 years
Noah Deng
Noah Deng 6 órája
For apps that are currently compatible, but the ad software is stuck in 2016, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR ADS TO 2021! Also, make them skippable, or I will buy something to disable ads
Prince_7557 6 órája
Banished is the opposite of relaxing for me I stress over everything
CurryAndChill 6 órája
I got an add exactly like the intro before the video
Cataphracts123 7 órája
Look for reviews for a game you want rather than browsing through the app store. Or go with trusted developers like Cygames etc
Alexandru Novac
Alexandru Novac 7 órája
When I pressed on this video I got an add of an 911 mobile game lmao.
David Dorado
David Dorado 7 órája
Utku Çar
Utku Çar 8 órája
Dislikes are the companies and the workers who work for the company
offiiffo 8 órája
I hate these ads but i hate the ones where they slowly erase women's clothes even more.
Soup Earth Society
Soup Earth Society 8 órája
I once saw an ad that just stole footage of one of my favorite games, solar smash.
Darian Dobrotă
Darian Dobrotă 8 órája
13:25 hmmmmmmmmmmm why brexit, why? Now i wanna go there
Darian Dobrotă
Darian Dobrotă 8 órája
Yea, you are totally right, good job me and other people that dont believe the ads
Emma Karlis
Emma Karlis 9 órája
I used to play gardenscapes before all of the sketchy ads, but once I saw ads for it in other games I uninstalled because I didn’t want to support that company.
Emma Karlis
Emma Karlis 9 órája
Sushi Rabit
Sushi Rabit 9 órája
Remember when mobile games were genuinely good
Emma Karlis
Emma Karlis 9 órája
Gardenscapes watching this:
ღ_ⵋχ_ᗯιടҽ Ƒσχ_χⵋ_ツ
ღ_ⵋχ_ᗯιടҽ Ƒσχ_χⵋ_ツ 9 órája
Omg i got an ad to make yt money in april 2021 what a scam
NANKA youngstars foundation
NANKA youngstars foundation 9 órája
Fun fact: I got that kind ad when I was watching.
BeautyElisa 10 órája
Can we also talk about how sexist these ads are? guys get these ads with saving people or epic worlds with epic battles, while we girls get sultan palace dramas where we're supposed to backstab everyone to become queen and take care of random children found on the street. Idk, it could be just me, but I'm not into that youtube! stoopid.
BF out of context
BF out of context 10 órája
Can You Do A FNF (Friday Night Funkin) Theory?
alfredo perez
alfredo perez 11 órája
Me spend 10 bucks on duelinks as a tip . Play store to advertisers , Yea this guy is a whale
Flobst3r 12 órája
Are you kidding me. In the middle of the video I got a mobile game ad Lmao
Nugget In VR
Nugget In VR 12 órája
A mobile ad is definitely going to use that epic ad in the intro
GamerBurrito 12 órája
Before I watch this vid I got an ad of "OmG THiS Is sO HaRd 1% PeOPle HAvE BeATeN ThIS StAge" I hate them it sucks:/
alex 13 órája
right now is a good time for ad blockers to erm “advertise” theyre company i guess
Adrian Lujan
Adrian Lujan 13 órája
Only 5% of people can pass this
Dhimy Taka
Dhimy Taka 13 órája
Man I missed the 2010s ads
alex 12 órája
Polite Cat
Polite Cat 13 órája
1:23 i thought only my country get these kinds of ads
NiuSkay 13 órája
I just got misleading ad while watching this video lol These game producers are really smol brains
BlackEpicPro 13 órája
Me when sees a Minecraft rip off ad: Also me: yeah definitely legal lol
Samir Hodzic
Samir Hodzic 14 órája
I've watched every single video on FoodTheory and FilmTheory and THIS IS MY FIRST GAME THEORY VIDEO. I've known about the channel, but this is the first video that I came across that got my attention. Very impressive
PJOZeus 15 órája
The false advertisement may not been monetarily detrimental to the consumers, but such as the case of Project Awakening, surely it would be to the producers of the actual content? Same with banished And if false advertising is effectively just allowed, then what’s the point of having it be a law in the first place when literally nothing is done about it? Like it takes the ENGLISH authority to be the only one to do anything, against something that violates AMERICAN Federal Trade laws I get that we’re better with, well a lot of things it seems, but it just seems so stupid to do nothing, if not surprising they don’t just make it fine able to do so and take for themselves a cut of the revenue
DkGaming Rblx
DkGaming Rblx 15 órája
I play summoners war, BUT im F2P so yeah a lot of mobile games are P2W
ColinCartoons 16 órája
X-Ray Vision ads and when it goes to the private parts the ad ends
Journey 17 órája
one of the main reasons i watch this channel is just to hear matpat say "HELLO internet and welcome to GAME THEORY"
KR DS 17 órája
I unsubscribed because of something you said a long time ago, but now I like you again, imma subscribe again
Mystery Chicken
Mystery Chicken 17 órája
My mums got to level 6000 on gardenscapes, she's never got a mini game.
Vitsawa Srison
Vitsawa Srison 18 órája
I rate mobile game ads -213037592754 out of 1
CRAZFO!!! SHLAM 18 órája
I don't like the ads of something literally impossible to play.
General Nickles
General Nickles 18 órája
Dude, if you haven't seen the Lily's Garden ads, you are missing out! These ads are f***ing WILD.
General Nickles
General Nickles 18 órája
The worst ones are the ones with fake Xs in the corner. You think you're closing the ad, but it actually takes you to the download page. Once I accidentally clicked one of these and it actually straight up downloaded the game right there. Didn't even open the play store or anything. It just installed another app from inside the first app. Needless to say, I uninstalled both pretty quick.
Ethan Green
Ethan Green 19 órája
12:41 *prosecuted
Purple_Chalk 19 órája
My sister got an ad for “girl genius” and the character you play as looks like a Karen lol But atleast it’s similar to the ads
aiden miller
aiden miller 19 órája
Purple_Chalk 20 órája
The Lily’s garden ads may have nothing to do with the gameplay, but they’re pretty well made compared to literally every other kinda ad I get
Purple_Chalk 20 órája
Ads in 2020: I cAn’T rEaCh piNk Ads in 2021: I fOuNd A gAmE fOr BuDdiEs
Augie Roepke
Augie Roepke 21 órája
Top war
jen jen
jen jen 21 órája
Am I the only one who noticed theat he put the Scribblenauts baby?
kerfies 22 órája
Honestly Google Play Store should be more active in policing the content. Be it the blatant false advertising to the hundreds of games that steal existing game graphics to use for their Play Store icons.
Hammy 23 órája
It was cool when they removed that add with the guy smoking a cigarette because that's not allowed in Australia.
Bairdlon 001
Bairdlon 001 23 órája
I got the dumbest ad talking about how you take a vid from another vid then make it an ad and it was so dumb
Kenny Carter
Kenny Carter 23 órája
The false adds anger me as the advertised games dont exist.. as far as I was aware. Till I watched the vid
Wanna see my lambo
Wanna see my lambo Napja
It is evolving; just backwards
SupaDupaAlien64 Napja
I use emulators
Anne Morris
Anne Morris Napja
LOL markiplier being the spammy guy 😂😂😂
beleverer Napja
Yeah, it should be illegal to be as dumb as the people playing in mobile ads
Kuintessence Napja
"Hello, everyone, and welcome to Game Theory, where today we are talking about how that little x in the top corner of a LIE"
TikkaQrow Napja
RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS anyone watch the business blaze rip on that?
Waffles618 Napja
The only add that I’ve truly thought was funny are the simply piano/guitar adds. There really good
BIG The Gamer And The Animator ._.
BIG The Gamer And The Animator ._. Napja
Me in HUpost premium be like:
Drake Baker
Drake Baker Napja
was it intentional that I got one of those baity ads during this video?
Kai Kresge
Kai Kresge Napja
I am mobile
MickeyFrizzle 87
MickeyFrizzle 87 Napja
I'm curious if anyone caught the fact he made a paradox, maybe even he didnt realize... 🤔
TheDinoWarrior Napja
It surprises me mat didnt talk about the gambling ads. Gambling was stopped in pokemon because well it advertised just that to children. Do the ads about gambling not do the same, especially if they're those super fake ones showing fake PayPal accounts getting fake money (and then sometimes a person irl with a lot of money.) This sounds illegal in every way
Andi Snow
Andi Snow Napja
*Ē P Į Ç*
The Sans Behind the slaughter
The Sans Behind the slaughter Napja
There is an ad for glasses that cure blindness HOW DO YOU SEE THE AD IF YOU'RE BLIND
Lunar Dust
Lunar Dust Napja
i once got a ad of some game but they stole the footage from God Of War and it was just Kratos killing abunch of enemies and then the name of the game
King King
King King Napja
Chloe Han
Chloe Han Napja
Just saw a really weird mobile game ad before this vid. Also, lately there’s been a *LOT* of mobile game ads
Sarah Rotheker
Sarah Rotheker Napja
HAHA... Im on level 1400 in homescapes... >:D (I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry)
RobloxSnake _Yt
RobloxSnake _Yt Napja
Also dont try the simply piano and gutuiar and the other stuff you have to pay trails its realllly annoying ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Joel Louissaint
Joel Louissaint Napja
Hey maypat how does sonic's spindash work
Ayeo capone
Ayeo capone Napja
The history community mobile ads taking footage from total war its sad lol
PrometheusV Napja
The question: "Are you smarter then everyone else" is very tempting for some people
Hector Bacon
Hector Bacon Napja
“It’s just evolution” “It’s evolving, but backwards”
Idk ????????
Idk ???????? Napja
When I was watching this I got one of those misleading adds
Normal Human
Normal Human Napja
Ad designers just be throwing science against the wall to see what sticks
Taryn Watson
Taryn Watson Napja
There are also a lot of HUpost ads for fake mortgage stimulus packages trying to scam people...
Random Wierdo
Random Wierdo Napja
I hate people that steal videos for adds Someone stole my most popular gcmv to promote a fake game
Kirbyfan 2088
Kirbyfan 2088 Napja
BTW does anyone remember when Gardenscap ad were actually about the game
Cazter Napja
I remember the original Gardenscapes ad, it actually showed what the game was about.
Just Your Average Eggify
Just Your Average Eggify Napja
8:20 Go back! *I WANNA BE MONKE!*
Jada Leopold
Jada Leopold Napja
I got an ad called “place rule” in this video 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 And also OMG HUpost annotations. What a throw back
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